12th Euro YPFDJ Conference to be Held in Italy

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The 12th annual YPFDJ Conference in Europe to be Held in Italy from 24th – 28th March 2016

By YPFDJ Europe,

The Young People’s Front for Democracy & Justice (YPFDJ), an Eritrean youth organisation in the Diaspora – will be holding its annual conference from 24th – 28th of March 2016 in Italy. This conference which is going to be the 12th consecutive Annual Conference in Europe, will be attended by 550 participants from YPFDJ Chapters around the world. 

The conference aims to involve Eritrean youth activists who are serving their communities and nation in different capacities. Also, several community leaders and organisations’ representatives will be participating in the conference, which will be addressing pertinent topics that affects the Eritrean youth inside and outside the country.

The youth conference, which is unique of its kind and nature, has attracted thousands of active youth members over the years. It has created a vibrant youth forum which critically analyse the myriad issues facing in the daily lives of Eritrean youth in the diaspora as well the homeland and organise themselves to change their environment for a better future.

The 12th YPFDJ conference is conducted in conjunction with our 25th Anniversary of Eritrea’s Independence and will be held under the theme “Integrated Mekete: For Sustainable Development & Equal Partnership”. The following topics will be highlighted with lectures, discussion, workshops during our this year conference programme:

• Current political affairs
• Creating Capacity through Building Strategic Relations
• Economical and Professional Contribution
• Organisational consolidation
• Euro-wide Congress & Election of Central Committee
• Evaluation of Activities and future plans

All preparations are underway to start the three-day intensive discussions, lectures, and engagements with Eritrean leaders as well papers from participants. The organising committee will provide further information of the YPFDJ conference in due course through various media outlets.

For any query please send your email to cc@ypfdj.com / ccypfdj@gmail.com or call +39 320 179 5551

YPFDJ Europe Conference Organising Committee