3rd Eri-UK Friendship Forum Held Successfully

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Events Moderator Mrs. Sarah Robson

By Embassy Media Group,

On the occasion of Eritrea’s 21st year of Independence Anniversary, the Eritrean Embassy in London organized friends of Eritrea Independence Day event on May the 24th, 2012. The event, which was part of the program “May in Honor of Independence Day in the UK” that encompassed a series of events during the month of May, was held at the Thistle hotel in London Marble Arch. 

In an effort to further strengthen the ties between Britain and Eritrea, the Eri-UK Friendship Forum is gaining momentum year after year.

The event was attended by Diplomats, members of various British Institutions, professionals of various sectors including the Media, Investors, and other respected guests along with Eritrean-British citizens residing in the UK. The participants gave a series of presentation, which was then followed by traditional Eritrean dinner and entertainment.

Moderating the event Sarah Robson, kicked off the event giving a welcoming speech to the participants and a one-minute silence in remembrance of the Eritrean Martyrs of the independence struggle in Eritrea. Also giving a short speech was Dr. Sara Pantuliano a great friend of Eritrea.

HE Amb. Tesfamicael Gerahtu

The Eritrean Ambassador of the State of Eritrea to the UK & Ireland H.E. Tesfamichael Gerahtu also gave a welcoming speech, thanking the participants in taking part on the celebration of Eritrean Independence there by updating the participants on current state of affairs, which included Eritrea’s Investment opportunities, Economic and social progress, as well as UNjust Sanctions imposed on Eritrea, and the continued 10 years illegal occupation of Ethiopia of sovereign Eritrean territories.

Journalist Sebastian O’Kelly

Mr Sebastian O’Kelly gave an interesting short presentation that was accompanied by a video, which was a historical reflection of “Amadeo the Horse Man” tying it together with the historical and cultural implications to Africa.




Alice Ukoko

Alice Ukoko on her speech focused on the role of Eritrean women in Eritrea’s nation building process and implication to Africa’s emancipation. The speech was filled with passion and was straight to the point commending the Eritrean women for playing their part and the Eritrean government for ensuring their part in the political process.




Dr.Tim Williams

One of the pioneers of the Mining sector in Eritrea Dr. Tim Williams gave an interesting insight of Eritrean mining progress and future promising prospects linking it to the handling of Eritrean government in creating a bright future for the people of Eritrea.




Mr. Afshin Rattansi

Mr. Afshin Rattansi, an award winning journalist and author of six novels gave a speech on Global Media and the Real Eritrea based on his personal account of his recent visit to Eritrea. Mr Afshin who only got back a couple of days ago from Eritrea after interviewing the President and visiting various cities, towns, and institutions gave the participants the clear picture of the current reality inside Eritrea despite the massive propaganda that is being mounted on the government and the people.

Last but not least Eritrean children’s reflection and voice was given by Yonatan Daniel.

Following the presentations, a traditional Eritrean dinner where Eritrean kids sang the national anthem, which later continued on beautiful musical entertainment from members of Shalot (Professional Artists from Eritrea) who were on tour around Europe, also touring the UK in London, Birmingham, and Manchester put their harmony filled with soul concluding the night in a traditional Eritrean dance bringing every participant together.
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