A Delegation from Hungary Visiting Eritrea

Hungary ready for business with Eritrea
Hungary ready for business with Eritrea. Welcome!

By TesfaNews,

A DELEGATION from the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has arrived in Eritrea this week for a bilateral talk.

The delegation was led by Mr. Andrads Szabo, Head of the African Desk.

The delegation is currently holding a series of bilateral talks with a number of government ministries on investments, trade, technical cooperation and expansion of  tertiary education.

It was also agreed that a Hungarian business delegation will visit Eritrea soon.

Such mission occurred in the wake of a diplomatic marathon by representatives of the governments of Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, Italy as well as from UN Regional Offices and the IOM.

While in the country, the various delegations have met with government officials, independent stakeholders and the diplomatic community in the capital.

The sudden increase in diplomatic engagement, however, creates some kind of stress among the motley group of activists and human rights organizations as it turns out the general outcomes of each mission and the reality on the ground have been generalized as something positive and promising both at the level of government policies and practice.

Eritrea detractors all of a sudden have gone berserk to denigrate the aforementioned mission reports and findings.

Human Rights Watch in a note it released today warns European governments not to rely on their facts-on-the-ground mission reports, instead on the flawed and never-been-on-the-ground UN report on Eritrea.

It also called for the EU not to make major policy changes toward Eritrea until the outcome of the commission of inquiry released.

Government spokesman and Director of the Office of the President, Mr. Yemane G/Meskel, however, lashes out and call it “silly” the desperate actions of the likes of Human Rights Watch.

To them, Eritrea must be seen through their biased and malicious prism only. Any other narrative is ‘flawed’ that must be discredited any cost. How silly and condescending,” said Mr. Yemane G/Meskel.