Addis Applies Pressure on Asmara?

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Ethiopian military high command gathered a meeting of Eritrean opponents to push them into being more active against Eritrean President Issayas Afeworki Ethiopia based, poorly armed Eritrea opposition military
Desperation. Ethiopian military high command gathered a meeting to the highly polarized and disfunctional Eritrean opponents to push them into being more active against Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki.

By African Intelligence,

GENERAL Mohamed-Nur Yunus known as Samora, the Ethiopian army general chief of staff and a member of the Tigrayan Muslim minority, convened a meeting of Eritrean opposition leaders at Mekele (Tigray Regional State) on 18 July. This is the first such meeting since 2005. It was led by retired General Mesfin Amare who heads both the Ethiopian foreign affairs ministry’s Liaison office for Eritrean matters and the Sana’a Forum. According to our sources, the meeting had a particularly important point on its agenda: ousting Eritrean President Issayas Afeworki

The Ethiopian officers reproached the Eritrean opponents for lacking coordination and they firmly advised them to devise a coherent and realistic strategy to overthrow the Eritrean government. The Eritrean opposition’s eight armed factions, which have been in fruitless negotiations since 2009 to form a joint military front against Afeworki, were represented at the meeting.

* The Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO)
* The Democratic Movement for the Liberation of the Eritrean Kunama (DMLEK)
* The Eritrean National Salvation Front (ENSF)
* The Democratic Movement of Eritrean Saho (DMES)
* The Eritrean Movement for Democracy and Justice (EMDJ)
* The Eritrean Democratic Unity Front(EDUF) and
* The Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF)

On another note, Affirican Intelligence reports that tension is rising between Eritrean and Ethiopia, which is beefing up its military presence on its northern border. Media controlled by Ethiopia’s ruling EPRDF are urging Addis Ababa to take action against Eritrea. The web sites Aigaforum and Tigrai Online, close to the Ethiopian regime, are publishing anti-Eritrea articles and columnists linked to the EPRDF have even called for decisive action against President Issayas Afeworki.


Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM) is one of the strongest armed groups based in Eritrea that raises arm to topple the minority regime in Ethiopia. The following video tells more than a thousand words.

Now the question is, who is applying the real Pressure with capital “P”?