Adi-Halo: 2 MW Capacity Solar Panels Installed

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As part of the effort being undertaken to develop solar power in the country , a 2 Megawatt (MW) solar power has been put in place at Adi-Halo, Dubarwa sub-zone.

The manager of E-Tech, Maj. Aklilu Habtemariam said, the project has been implemented within 3 months through internal capacity and that is expected to significantly contribute in ensuring potable water supply and agricultural activities in the area.

Indicating that the successful implementation of the project attests to the investment made on human resources development and its progress as well as the capacity of the youth, Maj. Aklilu pointed out that with the experience gained, similar projects could be successfully implemented through internal capacity.

Maj. Aklilu reiterated that there is a plan to upgrade the Adi-Halo solar power to 4MW and that eventually to develop the supply of solar energy across the country.

Maj. Aklilu also said that similar solar power projects are being initiated in other regions of the country including 8MW in Kerkebet and another 4MW in Gergera.

The youth that participated in the project on their part expressed satisfaction for applying what they learned theoretically into practice and that they have accumulated ample experience for implementing similar future projects.

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