A Piece of Advice to Oromo Brothers and Sisters

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Do not focus on your losses but on your strength and the aspiration for change. Do not back down to TPLF rule. Never!

By Ali Yare,

I am aware of the situation in your motherland and how Woyane’s barbaric security forces are killing the unarmed civilians because I am following what is happening there on a daily basis. I know how cruel the TPLF Woyane regime is and what they are capable of doing. The Somali Ogaden people have been through the same difficulties that you, the Oromo people, are going through now.

I can feel the plights of your civilians now, the relentless horror that the women and children are facing as I am speaking to you, but whatever has happened to you or how many lives you have lost, there is one thing you should never do and that is to heed to the military pressure. You should NEVER stop the uprising because if you do so, it’s going to be a disaster not only to your people but also to your cause and all of what you have sacrificed so far will be meaningless. All the people that got killed and all the properties that got destroyed in this revolt will be futile.

There are two reasons that you cannot afford to abandon your current protests and these are:


1)  By far, this is the largest civil disobediences led by the Oromo people that the Woyane regime or any other regime before it has ever faced. It is factual that this uprising has created unity among the Oromo people. It united them in one goal and that is not to allow the minority groups such as Ahmara or Tigre to rule over the majority Oromo people.

Therefore, if you yield to the pressure and cease the ongoing revolution out of fear or intention to save lives, you will be doomed. If you don’t seize this opportunity, this powerful uprising and the current Oromo unity may not come back to you for the next several decades.

2)  Amhara and Tigre believe that Oromo cannot sustain a fight for a long time and that is what they have at the back of their head. If you look at the social media, where they exchange their view points, they deeply believe that Oromo can be pacified easily through force. So, if the protest lost its momentum and gets stopped, that will support their belief and they will definitely say “Didn’t we say so?”

I know that the People of Oromo are very resilient when it comes to defending their land and dignity, but the ruling Woyane regime completely underestimate that because of its ignorance.

The facts on the ground are telling us that the regime is surely heading to its imminent collapse. It is running out of funds and support. We are all aware of the ongoing internal infighting among the EPRDF as well as the TPLF. I don’t have to prove that to you because the situation in Addis Ababa proves for itself.

The Prime Minister is in a weaker position as before and unable yet to form his own government because of the TPLF military generals who were installed by former dictator Meles Zenawi. All you need now is persistence and endurance against the brutal regime and your efforts will pay off.

The people is the power and not the brutal regime in Addis Ababa. If the people continue rejecting the TPLF led administration, no one can shovel through their throat. Even if they kill millions of Oromo people, never allow them to impose such an outdated regime upon you.