Ambassador Firat Sunel Named First-Ever Turkish Envoy to Eritrea

Firat Sunel
First-ever Turkish Ambassador to Eritrea. WELCOME

By TesfaNews,

The Republic of Turkey has appointed Ambassador Fırat Sunel as its first-ever resident Ambassador to Eritrea.

Congratulating Ambassador Firat Sunel on his historic appointment, Turkey’s non-resident ambassador to Eritrea, Ambassador Fazli Corman, was the first to break the good news.

Ambassador Sunel on his part responded through his twitter page that “he is really very much excited” about it.

Last year, through its foreign ministry, Turkey announced its plan to open an embassy in Eritrea in order to strengthen existing bilateral ties to a higher level.

During his Eritrea visit last December, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu holds a series of discussions with the Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki on the various ways and means of enhancing the existing Turkish-Eritrea relationship.

As part of its outreach to Africa plan, Turkey becomes one of the top five countries with the largest number of diplomatic missions in Africa. Until now, however, Asmara was the only capital in the region without Turkish Embassy.

Turkey’s new interest in Africa is reflected in trade statistics. Unlike other competitors, like China and India, its economic interest in the continent is currently not based on the need for raw materials or energy resources, but rather in seeking a market for Turkish products.

In the course of his discussion with Foreign Minister Davutoglu, President Afwerki appreciates the idea of enhancing the economies of both countries by introducing investment opportunities to a number of Turkish companies in the areas of fishery, mining and manufacturing in Eritrea.

Ankara is expected to officially send Ambassador Sunel to Asmara in the coming weeks.


TesfaNews has learn that Ambassador Firat Sunel has just arrived today (1st November 2013) in Asmara to assume his task as the firs-ever Turkish Ambassador to Eritrea, a very exciting appointment, as  his predecessor Ambassador Fazil Corman put it today on his twitter page.