An Ethiopian and Susan Rice Semiannual Ritual at the UN Security Council

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This May 2009, six hours long private meeting between Zenawi and Rice was the genesis of their ill-gotten, evil agenda of sanctioning Eritrea hatched.

By Bereket Tecle,

Once again this July, the chairman of the so-called U.N. Somalia Eritrea Monitoring group (Matt Bryden), US Ambassador to the UN (Susan Rice) and PM of the genocidal minority regime in Ethiopia (Meles Zenawi) have begun what they have been doing for a while; a joint semiannual ritual at the UNSC.

The goal is to undermine, ridicule and despoil every Eritrean institution, its people and its leadership. It has been obvious when it comes to Eritrea and the Eritrean people, no road is too low or no lie is too bold for the TPLF-run regime in Ethiopia. There is no doubt that the aid-dependent minority regime of Ethiopia could not and does not have the diplomatic and financial capacity to pull this evil and destructive effort at the UNSC. That is where Ambassador Susan Rice and the SEMG Matt Bryden join the ritual.

Here is how the ritual goes:

PM Meles fabricates lies, Monitoring Group Chairman Matt Bryden cuts and pastes it onto an official UN letter head, and US Ambassador Susan Rice adds the necessary packaging to convert an Ethiopian intelligence fabrication into an accusation worthy of sanctioning an innocent nation. 

It is mindboggling and disturbing to see the credibility and moral ground of the United States being tarnished for the personal vendetta by nobody but the Ambassador who was put to protect the US national interest and agenda over any personal grudge. Yes, it is sad to see how low US Foreign policy has dropped to. Instead of looking for a sensible, fair and comprehensive solution to the growing crisis in the HORN of AFRICA, Ambassador Susan Rice has chosen to defend a regime that had committed genocides against its own people in the Gambela, Ogaden and Oromia regions of Ethiopia. A regime that had massacred innocent university students in an open day light on the streets of Addis Ababa and a regime that believes Peace in the Horn of Africa be it in Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan or even in its own country as a threat for its survival is being taken as a poster regime of cooperation. It is sad, heartbreaking.

For any fair minded official in the diplomatic arena, the genocidal regime in Addis Ababa is the most un-defendable regime one can ever think of. But and unfortunately Ambassador Susan Rice enthusiastically and even some times sarcastically is continuing to defend and give it diplomatic cover. It is mindboggling and unbelievable.

Any Peace loving and fair minded person who cares about the long-term interests of USA should do whatever it takes and advise Ambassador Susan Rice to abandon her personal vendetta against the Eritrean people and take the high road to think of US interests. And long term US interest is not best served by propping up a regime that has no credibility with its own people.

It is time that Susan Rice humbly understands that the position she is occupying at the UN is that of the American People not her own Fiefdom. She needs to work to prevent another bloodbath in the Horn of Africa before it is too late and not put the first African-American President’s genuine promise for change in jeopardy. Instead of going after Eritrea on rumped up charges, she should work for the implementation of the final and binding ruling of Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission. Let the genocide in Rwanda that happened under her watch be a lesson for her! Ill-conceived, narrow-minded and misguided policies that gives her a short-term gratification, but ultimately go against the best interest of the American public, and perpetuate injustice and create cycles of conflict and war should not be allowed to tarnish the good name of the peace loving people of the USA.

Over the years, internal Ethiopian political dynamics has historically used Eritrea as a scapegoat and a rallying issue to create domestic coherence. The USA has repeatedly allowed itself to be used in this game of victimizing Eritrea in an attempt to keep a tattered empire, Ethiopia, together. The U.S. must learn from past mistakes and misguided policies that seem to benefit neither the US nor the region. Not only does the U.S. have an obligation and responsibility to do so, it is also in its own long term interest to bring a peaceful closure to the murderous conflict in the Horn and work to usher PEACE in THE HORN Of AFRICA.
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