As Eritrea Turns 22

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Eritreans will Never-Kneel-Down!
Eritreans will Never-Kneel-Down!

By Bereket Kidane,

As Eritrea prepares to celebrate its 22nd birthday, Eritreans around the world will reflect on how far it has come in such a short time.

For many countries, a 22nd birthday is not a big deal and generally doesn’t generate much excitement. But if the country happens to be Eritrea, it’s another story.

Eritrea has the unfortunate reality of being the only nation whose nation building efforts and sovereignty are continuously challenged by the big powers. The only nation who has a determined enemy cuddled by the West [Weyane-Ethiopia] and whose sole obsession is to erase its sovereignty.

None of the countries who are one-party states gets anything near the relentless, obsessive, guilty without due process bullying that Eritrea receives at the hands of UN bodies.

No other country is the target of such non-stop, well-funded, and highly organized campaign to discredit, delegitimize, and demonize a sovereign state and its people.

No other country faces continuous threats, bullying and sanctions passed by UNSC on fabricated grounds and without any evidence whatsoever!!!

No other country has its right to self-defense challenged as Eritrea does, even though it acts no differently than any other nation would if confronted by periodic military adventures and invasions.

No other country is subjected to systematic schemes designed to empty it of its young population in order to weaken its ability to defend itself.

And no other country is as demonized by the Western media, from the BBC to the Economist to the wire services like Reuters, leading to such typical whoppers as the BBC headline that ran on January 21 declaring a coup in Asmara wishing to foment violence and chaos.

I have enormous respect and admiration for Eritrea – for its resolve, resilience, courage, fortitude and ability to overcome adversity. What it has achieved in the last 22 years in the face of continuous psychological warfare, threats to its sovereignty and sanctions aimed at crippling its economy is truly extraordinary. It makes the achievements registered all the more impressive.

Other nations might have succumbed after many years of continuous psychological warfare, sustained threats and uninterrupted hostility to enemies trying everything under the sun to destroy, disintegrate, demoralize and isolate the country and its people. But not Eritrea!

Eritrea continues to march forward defeating every attempt on its young life. It continues to fill us all with awe and admiration.

Happy 22nd birthday Eritrea! Let the celebration begin!