Asmara Art Deco Exhibition in CapeTown

Asmara Art Deco collections will be under UNESCO World Heritage
Asmara owns more than 4000 remarkable Art-Deco structures that are of great significance to the nation’s history and the world. For this reason, tremendous efforts have recently been made to register Asmara in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.


Asmara Art Deco Exhibition was recently staged in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. Mr. Saleh Omar, the Eritrean Ambassador to South Africa and the Southern African region opened the exhibition featuring photo and video images.

The Eritrean Embassy in South Africa indicated that the exhibition is being staged under the theme “Asmara: City of Dreams”. It is part of the campaign underway in 16 cities of 9 countries with a view to placing Asmara in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Ambassador Saleh gave briefing on Eritrean history during which he pointed out that Eritrea is endowed with yet untapped historical, cultural and natural heritages. He reiterated that Eritrean societal values based on living in harmony and respect to one other is a unique asset.

Diplomats, foreign friends of Eritrea and Eritrean nationals residing in Cape Town attended the opening ceremony during which they put their signatures in the Asmara World Heritage Appeal document.

Asmara Art-deco
Asmara represents perhaps the most concentrated and intact assemblage of Modernist architecture anywhere in the world. The urban design within the Historic Perimeter has remained untouched since its original implementation and subsequent evolution throughout the 1930s, and the architectural elements exemplify a superlative example of Modernist architecture in a complete urban setting.