Asmara Canned Lager Beer to Go International

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The Legendary Asmara Beer will soon be available in bars and restaurant near you.
The Legendary Asmara Beer will soon be available in bars and restaurant near you in a 330ml tin can.

By TesfaNews,

A 1939 brand lager beer from Asmara Brewery in Eritrea is set to go international this week after the factory introduced a modern machinery for packaging the product.

The popular brand and the most favorite among Eritreans and Ethiopians will start to introduce itself to other East African markets.

South Sudan would be the most probable initial market place for this renowned brand among others as the country is known for importing everything from soap to bottled water besides being the home of Eritrean businessmen who owns more than half of the country’s hotels, bars and restaurants.

According to the General Manager of Asmara Beer Factory, Mr. Yohannes Habte, the production of the new brand is aiming for export purpose thereby create foreign currency earnings for the factory.

Ezra General Tradings, a multi-million dollar Eritrean owned import-export company based in South Sudan was believed to be the first to open shop and introduce imported beer to South Sudan market besides being the first to build a modern pre-fab hotel in the capital a decade ago. They are known for being sole distributors of imported beer brands in Uganda, South Sudan and Angola.

The start of the satisfyingly full bodied premium lager beer from Asmara in a 330ml tin is expected to set a frantic distribution right competition among the many Eritrean business people, including Ezra General Tradings.

The alcohol content in the canned Asmara Lager beer is 5% and people in this part of Africa would prefer their beer to be that stronger.

The plant is in a position to produce 1,800 canned beers in one hour.

The Minister of Tourism, Ms. Askalu Menkerios, presided over the official launching of the product.

The Asmara Brewery was founded in 1939 in Asmara, Eritrea. The current site of the factory was previously used as a depot of road construction materials and was set up by Eng. Luigi Melotti, an Italian National, who came to Eritrea during the Italian colonial period as an expert in road construction.

Over the years, the Brewery went through major developments, in terms of product quality improvement, diversification and plant capacity expansion and modernization, to cater for Eritreans who love their beer which is named after their capital.