Eritrean on Déjà vu: Attack Under the Guise of Human Rights

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"if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it
The Big Lie Theory. Eritrea has been subjected to a number of defamation and vilification campaigns coordinated by the western media and some NGO networks. They believe, “if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Isn’t this exactly what they are doing against Eritrea now?

By Samuel Tukue Ghebreab,

ERITREA is once again on full-fledged war with countries guised under the United Nations Human Rights Activists. The attacks on Eritrea include prolong sanctions, maintain the No-Peace-No-War condition, undermine Eritrean sovereign, continuous threat from Ethiopia, encouraging the Eritrean youth to abandon their country, demonizing Eritrea and its people, economy blockage, terrorist attacks, psychological warfare, tarnishing Eritrean image on the mainstream medias, etc …. and finally to give green lights for the annexation of the country.

One can ask why Eritrea is getting so much attention from the world (rather influential countries) after independence. Any reasonable person will understand the motive immediately. The whole accusation is nothing to do with democracy or human right issues but to bring the hard won Eritrean independence and self-reliant people into submissive. Indeed Eritrean TRUE independence is the sheer reason, Eritrea is getting full attention from the UN that is running under the influence of powerful countries with self-interest. 

If the United Nations Human Rights are what they claim to be, where were they before independence when the Eritrean people were being bombarded with napalm, cluster bombs and chemical weapons? shot and slaughtered randomly? left to die in hunger? imprisoned and tortured? migrating in millions to every corner of the world? led by red terror regime?

Unfortunately the gullible people will consume every material that is thrown at them and the Eritrean enemies are geared to use the current situation and mood as a weapon to justify their invasion and other ill intents.

There is no doubt Eritrea has many shortcomings like many other countries. These shortcomings will be resolved in time but there are immediate priorities the Government has to deal with after inheriting a war devastated country. Nation building is not an easy task. It is a slow process that takes many generations. Eritrea gained its independence only 24 years ago and has only been in peace for the first period of 7 years. However, Eritrea has shown fundamental progress in health, infrastructure, education and many other sectors, which are the pillar of basic Social Justices and Rights.

The Human Right activities (Agents of the invaders) have conveniently been ignoring the positive side of Eritrea and the violation of Border Demarcation by Ethiopia which is the main cause that is limiting Eritrea to progress forward as needed. Instead, they are concentrating on the negative side that will approve their hidden agenda. It has now become so obvious and clear that the Eritrean people have been dismissed or ignored when asking for the implementation of Border Demarcation between Eritrea and Ethiopia in order to develop and improve the whole region and humanity as a whole.

This childish report written by United Nation Human Rights on 8 June 2015 is an insult to the Eritrean people’s intelligence and the world at large. It is utterly written to serve the aggressors but the Eritrean People.

I plead to all Eritreans with conscious to fight against these movements under any circumstances. Especially those who recently fled the country to improve their lives need to air their voice loud at Geneva demonstration on 22 June 2015 . Eritrea needs you now more than ever! We will not be any good to Eritrea at all times if we cannot defend the country when it is in danger. These kind of aggression will require every Eritrean contribution to maintain the promise made by the Eritrean Martyrs (i.e. Free and Independent Eritrea).