Audio Response to TesfaNews on Selam Band Issue

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Seattle based Eritrean Musical Group – Selam Band – conducted a candid discussion on Aynfalale PalTalk Room to make the record straight

By Aynfalale PalTalk Room,

DEAR TesfaNews,

We appreciate your daily contributions in updating the Eritrean-Diaspora with current information regarding Eritrea and Eritreans.

We came across a Tigrigna article posted at your website; dated April 16, 2015 authored by a pen-name Solomon Forovia (Toronto). Many Eritreans who read the article felt it is our collective citizenry duty to follow up and clarify the contents of the article. We were able to reach Selam Band (Seattle, WA) and conducted an interview to respond to the article. 

In that article the author made serious allegations against Selam Band and the response is captured in this interview. The article attempts to harm our productive youth and create unfounded doubt among the Eritrean-Diaspora, therefore, sow a discord among Eritreans.

Our vast audience has learned that the allegations made in the article are false and we wish to host the author; Solomon Forovia (Toronto); and give him/or equal chance to share his views or substantiate his allegations. The audio interview with Selam Band was recorded on April 24, 2015 at Eritrea Aynfalale PalTalk discussion room. The interview was recorded under a severe technical difficulty but we were able to capture the main message. Please note the audio link below and make the audio available to your audience.

In this occasion, we wish your website editors would pre-verify articles whose sources are ambiguous, whose contents are a hear-say and whose target is to sow a discord among the Eritrea public.

We invite you to clarify the issue on your behalf to maintain your website’s credibility for the future.

Many Regards,
Members of Aynfalale PalTalk Discussion Room

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First and foremost, I would like to thank members of the Aynfalale PalTalk room for bringing the discussion to my notice. I would also like to thank members of Selam Band for putting the record straight regarding the allegations made by Solomon ‘Forovia’ from Toronto.

As admin of TesfaNews, I also want to make the following clear to everyone here. Except articles written by TesfaNews, any opinion or article posted on TN is the responsibility of the writer and the writer itself. Please refer to our “Disclaimer” policy. 

As a respected pro Eritrea news website, I always took precautions from posting opinions that could cause negative consequences on the unity of our community. It happens that the opinion written by Solomon regarding Selam Band becomes another controversial topic besides the one we recently posted regarding an alleged anti-Fenkil celebration remark by a certain Eritrean priest from Toronto.

TN believes readers have the right to listen both sides of a given story. But in most instances, the other party never reach us to clear the ambiguity. For that the story becomes one sided and at times create an impression as if TN is taking sides.  That’s not true. 

After listening the above audio conversation, however, I tend to believe that the allegations made by Solomon ‘Forovia’ against Selam Band are totally misleading. It is the hope of TN and every reader for Solomon to avail himself at the Aynfalale PalTalk room sooner than later and give an honest clarification on the matter. We don’t allow to anyone use TN for any ulterior motives. Till that happens, I am taking it down the said controversial article indefinitely.

On this occasion, I would like to deeply apologize members of the Selam Band for all the inconveniences they have been through ever since Solomon’s opinion piece appear on my website . This is a lesson for all of us.