Eritrea’s Awet Habtom Voted Most Aggressive U23 Rider at Bergen 2017


Awet Habtom voted the most aggressive U23 rider at the World Road Championships in Bergen.

Eritrean Awet Habtom at at the World Road Championships U23 race bergen the most aggressive rider
Awet Habtom with epic ride at Bergen 2017 World Road Championship.


He is only 19 and it is his first year in the “men’s class”, but he has already astonished many people this year. And it was also the case at today’s Men’s U23 UCI Road World Championship in Bergen, Norway.

With a lot of courage, Awet – who rode in the jersey of his national team Eritrea – was breaking away right at the start of the race and spent 150 of the 191 kilometers at the front of the race.

He tried over and over to break away solo from the lead-group and to lead the race alone.

At the end of the race, he was voted the most aggressive rider of the race for his more than active riding style.

Even without a medal, it is certainly a great success to have played major role in the world championship´s – and this with just 19 years.

Congratulations Awet, we are proud of you!