Ayte Kiros Asfha “The Recruiter”

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Everyone has a right to be stupid; some like Ayte Kiros just abuse the right

By Helen Berhe,

From day one he left Eritrea, Kiros Asfha, the singer, by birth Eritrean, currently lives in Ethiopia, is in a mission working with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF.) Before he left Eritrea to his ancestral country, he has been singing in lowly clubs and bars due to his quality, but mostly his personality because he fits in such platforms only.

Unlike other artists who live in Ethiopia, Kiros have been given assignment by the TPLF cliques to recruit Eritrean artist and bring them to Ethiopia to make headlines and show the world that everybody is leaving the country. Ayte Kiros is permanently stations in Ethiopia for reasons, firstly it is his lifeblood home, and secondly, he has a paying job which may last only until the regime in Ethiopia collapse.

Lately we have lost two most talented Eritrean artists in a tragic accident in Ethiopia. Those who knew and grew up with the late artists are in shock, likewise Eritreans around the world who love arts. Although it was an accident but the main cause and contributor for this loss is undoubtedly Kiros Wedi Metema.

Kiros should be the one and only to be held accountable for this, because he continues to recruit Eritrean artist to leave their country promising them they would leave to a third country.

Kiros the liar, egocentric and immature but old and unwise pro-Tigrai has told the untrue character of the two bright artist who have no ways to testify now to what Kiros labeled them as “anti-Eritrean government”.

Kiros “the big mouth of no action” run like a rat when he was in Eritrea. Now Ayte Kiros is baby seated by TPLF and telling others they should fight back their government. An absolute phony hypocrite.

Ayte Kiros did not fight when he was in the land that he is telling them they should fight, rather spent his time getting drunk every day and every night in underground bars such as Picadilly, Maata etc.

Well the big mouth continues to do the same thing he was doing in Eritrea, i.e. getting drunk and abuse Eritrean young ladies who have no family in Ethiopia. Ayte Kiros can be found in Addis Ababa every night in bars and AZMARI BET drunk, and sometimes taking stages uninvited motivated by the alcohol he consumes.

Watch the video below and judge for yourself; listening him singing in Amharic, praising the Ethiopian defense forces and the government, will reassure you that he is indeed Ethiopian born in Eritrea. Now he is contentedly seating in his homeland Ethiopia.

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