Being a Politician in Somalia

De-Programming the defeatist mentality of today's Somali politicians
De-Programming the defeatist mentality of today’s Somali politicians from appeasing their traditional-foe and abuser Ethiopia seems a greater challenge for the greater people of Somalia. But for the Al-Shabaab, the alternative is simple: Eliminating them.

By Ahmed Abdi,

THERE is a direct association between the Somali politicians’ ill-fated and their actions against Somali history, culture, language and ethnicity.

Government officials were preparing their  Friday prayers at the Central Hotel in Somalia’s capital when an Al-Shabaab extremist rammed an explosives-laden vehicle into the hotel gate, and another went inside the mosque and blew himself up, killing at least 25 people and injuring 40 others on Friday, officials said.

According to the only Somali Investigative site Wagacusub Media, the man behind this carnage is a British-Citizen, who traveled to Hargeisa before the explosion while leaving behind his full of explosive car parked inside the hotel.

It also revealed that the master mind used to visit some unknown places in Mogadihsu leaving behind his security staff from the Hotel to wait him outside. He also traveled to Hargeisa occasionally for  the last six months that he had been living in the hotel.

The source  said, the culprit used to give huge tips to familiarize himself with the hotel staff and the hotel security, so in his final days he was out of suspect and his room and car were out of suspection and inspection.

If we leave here the story of this man and his suicidal partner, the questions that any one who is following the Somali dilemma, asking himself is,  why all deadly Al-Shabaab explosions are master minded by Somalilanders? Moreover, why this man and his likes always find a save heaven in Hargeisa? How can  we believe the Somaliland Security does not aware the activities of this man and before this man the late Al-Shabaab leader, Ahmed Abdi Godane , who used to visit his family without hardship.

If a rational thinking can hardly accept that, what about  the Ethiopian Security who are the actual rulers of Hargeisa, according to the eye witness reports?

There is many stones need to be turned over to see what is going on in Mogadishu. As we said many times earlier, Ethiopia’s foot prints in any Al-Shabaab action does not need any magnifying glass to be seen. The only thing that covers up what the Ethiopians are doing in Mogadishu, Somalia is the fear of Al-Shabaab. But other hand, Ethiopia nominates any Somali position at the same time controls Al-Shabaab.

Several Somali portals blamed Hargeisa for the Central Hotel’s incident and Mogadishu security mishap. But the circulating question among Somali people is, can Hargeisa do any thing without the knowledge of Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS)?

The second episode is Somali President’s recent participation of the TPLF’s 40 anniversary,where he praised the inhumane, immoral, late gangster of Meles Zenawi, who had committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in Mogadishu between 2006 and 2007.

The president shed tears when he was praising the late Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi ,who killed thousands of Somalis in Somalia and elsewhere.

The details of the events were extensively reported , published, documented and denounced by leading humanitarian NGOs, like Amnesty International.

Amnesty International obtained scores of reports of killings by Ethiopian troops that Somalis have described as “slaughtering like goats. In one case, ” a young child’s throat slit by Ethiopian soldiers in front of the child’s mother,” the report said.

In a Press statement, Mr Mohamoud said that the recent bomb attack will not have an influence on the government’s plans and duties. He called for the Somali people to support the government on its campaign against “the terrorists”.

The president is calling our support while he is humiliating our Somali values and traditions as well as killing Somali people’s national feelings by disregarding the families that had lost their loved-ones by the hands of the black colonial  troops of  (Ethiopian) Abyssinian-highlanders of Amhara and Tigray tribes commanded by Gebre Egzabeher Alemseged during 2006 invasion.

The third episode is Ismail Omar Guelleh, who is One of the sustained African dictators left Djibouti to Mogadishu to attend what they called “regional Somali language academy”, which Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and Kenyan flags decorated on the wall along with Somali and Djibouti national flags, another sheer indication that Somalia and Djibouti are no longer sovereign countries.

The scorched-earth campaign that has been taking place across Ogaden over the past few weeks led to the destruction of many towns and hundreds of villagers that were razed to the ground in all nine (9) provinces including  Isse residential regions of Undafoo,Garmado and Adaytu.

To silence the only voice for the Isse communities in Shinile, Ethiopian PM Hailemarian Desalen asked Ismail Omar to calm Isse leader, according to Africa Intelligence site.

Despite all these, the black colonial PM Hailemariam Desalen was able enough to cheat Mr Guelleh and use him against Ogas Moustapha Mohamed Ibrahim, the spiritual leader of all Somali ethnic tribes of Isse.