British Eritreans Condemn #COIEritrea Report

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By Berhane Semere,

As part of the ongoing creative public diplomacy, the gallant and brave Eritreans living in the United Kingdom have joined the worldwide campaign against the Commission of Inquiry (COI) and its politically biased and unsubstantiated report on the Human Rights situations in Eritrea.

Eritreans profoundly believe that both the report and the Special Rapporteur are politically biased and designed to undermine the sovereignty and paint a wrong picture of Eritrea in order to be used as a pretext to divert attention from two significant issues besides stimulating a regime change agenda. These are:

1) From compelling Ethiopia to end its illegal occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories

2) From ending the unjust and illegal UN sanctions imposed against Eritrea based entirely on falsified “evidence” that was manufactured and supplied by Ethiopia and its handlers.

The continued hostility and the unjust treatment of Eritrea are contributing in the migration of the Eritrean youth and that have an adverse effect on the security, freedom and human rights in the country.

Eritreans are calling to join their campaign for peace, justice and prosperity in the horn of Africa.

Time for intensive campaign using creative public diplomacy.