Canadian Lawmakers Dumbfounded About Reports on Eritrea During Committee Hearing

Mr. Lloyd Lipsett testifying his independent investigation on the alleged Human Rights violations in Bisha mine before the Canadian Lawmakers
Mr. Lloyd Lipsett testifying his independent report on the alleged Human Rights and Social responsibilities in Bisha mine before the Sub-Committee on International Human Rights

By TesfaNews,

ON JUNE 6th, the Subcommittee on International Human rights invited Mr. Lloyd Lipsett, an expert and author of the Human Right Impact Assessment on Bisha Mine and Todd Romaine, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibilities for Nevsun Resources, to discuss the Human Rights situation in association with the Bisha mine on Eritrea.

After being given the chance to cross examine the presenters, the lawmakers acknowledged the discrepancy between the past reports on Eritrea and the ones being presented by the two presenters.

The Canadian lawmakers who participated at a televised study period on June 5th and 6th with the standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development Subcommittee on International Human Rights (SDIR) were pleasantly surprised by the reports on Eritrea, which seemed to be in stark contrast to what the lawmakers had been told in the past. 

On June 5th, the subcommittee invited representatives from the Coalition of Eritrean Canadian Communities and Organizations (CECCO) to address alleged violation against Eritreans living in Canada and to clarify the issues surrounding the 2% tax-the rehabilitation tax paid by Eritrean citizens residing and working outside of Eritrea.

For Eritrean Canadians, it was the first and only opportunity provided so far by the governing body to set the records straight.

It should be recalled that Canadians, especially lawmakers, have been woefully misinformed by certain news outlets who have made it their forte to publish unsubstantiated allegations made by anti-Eritrea elements, who have no constituency in the otherwise tight-knit, productive and vast Eritrean Canadian Community.

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VIDEO:  Sub Committee Hearing on Social Responsibility and Human Right at Bisha Mine in Eritrea
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