Eritrea Slams “Commission of Inquiry” Report as Cynical Political Travesty that Undermines Human Rights

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Commission of Inquiry Report: Cynical Political Travesty that Undermines Human Rights
Foreign Ministry Press Statement: “Commission of Inquiry” Report: Cynical Political Travesty that Undermines Human Rights

By Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

THE people and government of Eritrea find the wild accusations leveled against them by the “Commission of Inquiry” established by the UN Human Rights Council of “systematic and gross violation of human rights” totally unfounded and devoid of all merit. These accusations are simply a continuation and an escalation of the politically motivated campaign to undermine the political, economic and social progress the country is making, including in the area of human rights. They are an attack, not so much on the government, but on a civilized people and society who cherish human values and dignity. 

These accusations and the despicable attempts to silence those who have anything positive to say about Eritrea are a transparent attempt to race against time to impede the increasing and increasingly productive international engagement with Eritrea. Clearly, the resort to extreme charges and indecent hyperbole, including cynical and unwarranted reference to “possible crimes against humanity,” is intended to forestall a sober reflection on the realities in Eritrea and to rush matters and force the issue before fairness and justice can prevail. It is also undeniable that there are those who will hide behind these outrageous claims to whitewash their transgressions against Eritrea and to seek pretexts for their acts of destabilization.

Eritrea has consistently stated that as a nation born in the struggle for human rights, it remains fully committed to ensuring and enhancing the human rights of its people, to improving the quality of all its citizens. It is a telling indictment that in a region under severe threat from violence, gross abuse, extremism and terrorism, where so many commit so many crimes, the sponsors of the Commission choose to attack peaceful, stable, harmonious, human development-focused Eritrea. They need to be forcefully challenged and held accountable as their actions and lack of integrity and professionalism undermine human rights and the credibility of human rights institutions as well as regional peace and stability. Eritrea accordingly calls on all nations and on all people who values fairness, justice and human rights to demand an end to the travesty that is being perpetrated by “Commission of Inquiry.”

For Eritrea, the current attacks aimed at undermining our sovereignty and progress are a matter of deja vu. We were denied our right to independence as a former colonial country because of the perceived “strategic interest” of the United States. Few supported us during our legitimate struggle for freedom. The powerful tried to denigrate our cause and bomb us into submission. We were routinely written off. And yet, by dint of our determination and humanity, we emerged victorious.

Today, despite the vile slanders and false accusations, despite a deafening international silence in the face of the illegal occupation of our land in violation of international law, despite economic pressure and encouragement of illegal migration, our resolve and confidence that we will build a dignified and prosperous nation remains unshaken. Eritrea will not be diverted from that lofty objective and will redouble its determination and efforts to achieve it.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Asmara, 09 June 2015

MoFA Press Statement on COI Report