Collon: Eritrea Needs Protection

Eritrea is the victim of a vicious propaganda campaign
“Eritrea is the victim of a vicious propaganda campaign only because it decides to outside of western dictate.” – Belgian journalist, writer and historian Michel Collon

By Nordic Africa News,

A Belgium-based journalist and writer says Africa and the world need to protect Eritrea to show that there’s another possibility.

Michel Collon in a seminar Friday during the Eritrean Festival in Sweden said Eritrea needs protection because to Western countries it is a bad example of a country that is making it outside of western dictate.

He added that this is the reason why Eritrea is under vicious attacks from western countries.

Speaking on the topic Principles of War Propaganda and How to Create a Popular Response, the journalist said the small east Africa country is under attack because it has chosen to remain outside the sphere of powerful countries.

He noted that war comes in many forms and has been extended in this modern age.

Collon said Eritrea is currently the victim of a vicious propaganda campaign that hides the economic interest of its perpetrators. In this propaganda effort, history is ignored, the other side is completely demonized and at the same time presented as an aggressor even though it is a victim.

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Collon noted that the propagandists also monopolize information, not permitting alternative views and avoiding debates. In this propaganda war against Eritrea, voice is only given to one side and Eritrea has not been allowed to make its voice known.

He added that this campaign against Eritrea can be resisted.

“If we want to defend Eritrea towards the European and international opinion, we have to engage more forces in the information guerrilla and to coordinate them with a plan of action. The other side has a strategy and a lot of money. Better than money, we have the people but our strategy is weak.”

Collon stressed the Eritreans living in the West are a very important part in this fight against those who oppose Eritrea. They are very important because “they know the situation there and the media situation here, they are very motivated.”

He proposed also the enlistment of friends and potential friends of Eritrea who are in favor of a campaign against imperialists and anti-war. “If we organize first a campaign towards anti-imperialist and anti-war forces, it is possible to make friends and allies.”

Among the proposals, Collon also called for a good substantial report about Eritrea in English and other key languages, coordinating and brainstorming with Western journalists who have a better view of Eritrea and the launching of an international appeal against aggression and sanctions and to call for negotiations to solve regional problems, right to self-determination and no intervention from great powers.

Collon also suggested the creation of an observatory of media about Eritrea in order to alert about aggressive articles, reports and books and that Eritrea defenders must go on the counter-attack by lobbying the media and providing direct information to population of countries that are in this propaganda war against Eritrea.