Eritrea Says Comprehensive Strategy key to Resolve Sudans Disputes

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EU Special Representative for Sudan and South Sudan, Dr. Rosalind Marsden with President Afwerki
EU Special Representative for Sudan and South Sudan, Dr. Rosalind Marsden with President Afwerki

By Sudan Tribune,

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki said that a broader scope and an all-embracing strategic solution is crucial to attain a durable deal in resolving outstanding CPA issues between Sudan and South Sudan.

Afwerki made the comments while conferring with visiting EU Special Representative for Sudan and South Sudan, Rosalind Marsden at the presidential palace in Asmara last Thursday 4 July.

Despite South Sudan’s peaceful secession from Sudan in July 2011, post-split key issues remain unresolved. 

In September last year, Presidents of Sudan and South Sudan signed a series of agreements in Addis Ababa including security arrangements, oil and on the rights of citizens in the two countries.

However the agreements remain far from implementation due distrust and lack of political commitment from both sides.

Following talks in Khartoum by the South Sudanese Vice President, Riek Machar’s with his Sudanese counterpart Ali Osman Taha last week, the two sides agreed to recommit themselves to root-out problems hindering the implementation of signed agreements.

According to Eritrea State Television (EriTv), the Eritrean President and the EU special envoy discussions focused on the immediate steps that need to be taken to bring sustainable peace and stability as well as ensure good-neighbourliness between North and South Sudan.

While noting the efforts and measures exerted so far to resolve the dispute brought only little progress, Afeworki stressed a need to focus on “comprehensive and strategic solutions rather than on fractional and temporary remedies” to narrow existing differences between the two former civil war rivals.

Marsden to her side said that the European Union shares the views of the president with regard to addressing the setbacks facing Sudan and South Sudan.

The British diplomat said the EU pays special attention in handling the situation and is working with international and regional bodies to bring peaceful and lasting solutions.

Both the Eritrean president and the EU special envoy have agreed to work closely particularly to engage in joint consultations to deal with the issues of the two Sudans and on peace and security concerns facing the East African region at large.