Constitution: Damned You Do, Damned if You Don’t

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Seccesionists and ethno-religious Opposition groups, keeps your hands off our Constitution
Secessionists and ethno-religious Opposition groups, keeps your hands off our Constitution

By Anonymous,

LATELY, the conversations among Eritreans and the opposition camps have been changed as if they have reached into some kind of consensus for the first time in a decade. Some call it a paradigm shift in the country’s political dynamics and others questioned the wisdom behind the launching of a new constitutional process.

Constitutional governance was the swan song for many political opportunists and self-proclaimed “activists” for a long time. However, the unexpected announcement turns out to be a challenge to these dubious groups as it already placed their jingoism, maturity, competence and pragmatism into a test.

Isn’t a constitutional governance that they have been crying for? The question is are they ready for it or do they really need the implementation of the constitution in the first place unless they want to use it to cover up for their dubious agenda?

For the record, none of the over dozen secessionist ethnic based opposition organizations and over ten of the Islamic organizations are expected to support any kind of constitution unless it guarantees provisions such as Sharia rule or self-determination up to secession.

Ibrahim Haron of the Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO) was the first to reject the new constitution drafting offer through its mouth pieces Sudan Tribune. He said the president’s promise is for PR consumption and some kind of psychological game that aimed at prolonging his grip on power.

Apparently, RSADO, like the rest of the dozen ethno-religious and secessionist groups, has never supported the 1997 ratified constitution because he said it is secular and doesn’t guarantee self-determination.

The question is, does it really matter even to get into consideration the concern of these groups though they are what it seems the majority of the diaspora opposition? They rejected the implementation of the 1997 constitution and they are rejecting the new one too. Why? Because it was a secular one and doesn’t allow the secession of any ethnic group.

Who are these people anyway and what exactly are they opposing? The country? The People? or the government?  Why are they trying to be a threat to a united and sovereign Eritrea? Since the upcoming constitution won’t be different, if not stringent when it comes to the unity and territorial integrity of Eritrea, rest assured it won’t be welcomed by these so called ‘Oppositions’.

Constitutional governance was not and will not be to their best interest. But they were trumping it up for over ad decade only to cover up and achieve their evil intention. For sure, they have a different and dangerous plan in store. Damn if you implement and still damn if you don’t thanks to our sell outs, opportunist activists and their surviving disciples.

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