Construction Boom to hit Eritrea; Cement Prices Drop by 75%

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Development of residential housing complexes will get the much needed priority from now on

By TesfaNews,

After continuing its drive towards a highly successful mining boom, Eritrea is re-adjusting itself for another ambitious, all round ‘construction boom’ that comes in line with the commencement of the magnificent Gedem Cement factory together with a number of iron and steel plants in the country.

A week from officially commencing production, the price for 100Kg cement has dropped from 2,000 Nakfa to 500 Nakfa, a 75% drop and that makes it one of the cheapest in the region.

Last year, with all inadequate supplies of cement and other construction materials, the country has implemented major projects of strategic significance that mainly focuses on constructing new roads and renovation of existing ones, drafting master plans for urban and semi-urban areas, supervising engineering activities, constructing of bridges, water reservoirs and water diversion schemes, among others.

Some of the big projects that was planned for implementation before the end of this year includes the construction of four big Stadiums including the renovation of the existing two stadiums in Asmara; construction of integrated residential housing complexes in a number of towns, building and expanding existing ports and bridges, water diversion channels and dams, and construction of airports in Dahlak Island and Bisha.

One of the proposed stadiums, which are currently under construction, is in Mendefera at a cost of 8 million Nakfa with a capacity of 10,000 fans.  Asmara stadium has also been renovated to a level best including with the construction of a new VIP lounge and modern guest hall.

As much of Eritrea’s development budget was dedicated to food security, education, roads, dams, health and water preservation, the construction of new housings has almost gotten the least priority.

However, it is now time to witness a construction boom in the coming years with housing development will get a much needed priority.

A new bridge in Gash Barka and a road construction in Anseba Regions
New Residential Housing Projects in Asmara
Some of the new Hotels and Residential Complexes in Keren

Foam core, panelized housing developments in Gahtelay and Tsetserat

The Halibet Housing Complex that is near completion