Danakali Completes 50 Percent Stake Sale in Eritrean Potash Project

China’s SRBG Acquires 50 Percent Stake in Eritrea Potash Project

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The Chinese company SRBG has completed the acquisition of a 50% stake in the Colluli potash project in Eritrea from Australia’s Danakali Ltd by paying the first installment of $105 million.

Australia’s Danakali (ASX: DNK) has completed the sale of its 50% stake in the Colluli potash project in Eritrea, Africa, 13 years after partnering with the Eritrean National Mining Corporation (ENAMCO) to build the mine.

The buyers, Chinese company Sichuan Road and Bridge Group, have paid a first instalment of $105 million. A second tranche payment of $16 million is expected within the next six months, Danakali said.

The Colluli potash project is considered one of the world’s most significant and lowest-cost sources of sulphate of potash (SOP), a premium grade fertilizer.

The project has the world’s largest JORC compliant reserve at 1.1 billion tones. It also contains other fertilizer products, such as muriate of potash (MOP) and gypsum, along with rock salt.

There is also potential for kieserite and mag chloride to be commercialized with minimal further processing required.

A United Nations report published in 2019 suggested that Colluli could significantly boost the economy of Eritrea.

The project is the only known source of potash that allows extraction of the fertilizer in solid form. It also has access to solar, wind and geothermal energy systems – the East African rift.

(By Cecilia Jamasmie | mining.com)