Danakali Joins Fertilizer Association of India

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Danakali is an emerging Agrichemical company developing a world-class potash fertilizer project in Eritrea.
Danakali is an emerging Agrichemical company developing a world-class potash project in Eritrea.

By CapEri,

Danakali (ASX:DNK) joined the Fertilizer Association of India (FAI) as an overseas associate member seeking a possible future foothold in the market.

The FAI is a non-profit and non-trading company representing mainly fertilizer manufacturers. It was established in 1955 with the objective of bringing together all parties concerned with the production, marketing and use of fertilizers.

The organisation is involved in a variety of activities such as government industry interface, international relations, developmental activities, special studies, documentation, training, awards, publications etc..

India represents a promising market for potash and is the world’s second-largest consumer of phosphate fertilisers and the largest importer of Diammonium phosphat.

Danakali promotes the relative location of its Colluli Potash project to future population growth markets like India, South East Asia and Africa.

Colluli is located in the Danakil region of Eritrea, East Africa. The exploration tenements cover over 200km2 and comprise almost 1.3 billion tonnes of potassium-bearing salts suitable for the production of potash fertilizers.

Colluli location and access to market distance
The relative location of the Colluli resource to key markets gives it a significant logistics advantage and unrivalled access to the potash markets of the future.