Danish Fact-Finding Mission has it Right on Eritrea Human Rights

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Denmark, through its fact-finding mission technically obliterate every Human Right allegations levelled against Eritrea as nothing more than propaganda
FEELING THE HEAT. Denmark, through its fact-finding mission, technically obliterate every Human Right allegations levelled against Eritrea as nothing more than a propaganda thereby placing the burden of proof on the UN Special Rapportuer and her unwitting accomplices who usually produce damning reports without even proving it on the ground.

By Bereket Kidane,

ERITREA has had the unfortunate reality of being the only African nation whose nation building efforts and sovereignty are continuously challenged by the morally-bankrupt UN bodies, NGOs and Ethiopia’s Western allies at the UNSC.

No other country has been the target of such non-stop, well-funded, and highly organized propaganda campaign designed to empty it of its young population.

The Danish Government’s fact-finding mission aimed at finding out the real human rights situation in Eritrea and the conclusions it reached regarding there being no systematic human rights violations in Eritrea is significant because it has notified the world of the massive propaganda campaign aimed at Eritrea and its people.

Eritreans know there are no human rights violations in Eritrea.  Eritreans know each other very well and they know full-well why their cousins left Eritrea.  They left Eritrea in search of greener pastures in the West and not because of human rights issues.

The TPLF-led government of Ethiopia has worked its Western allies overtime to blacken Eritrea’s image and create a false, non-existent narrative regarding Eritrea’s human rights.

The TPLF and people of Tigray have been the prime beneficiaries of Eritrea’s falsely tarnished image on human rights.
TPLF officials have used the issue to profit personally by enticing young Eritreans to cross the border into Ethiopia with the promise of guaranteed asylum visas to the West.  They have turned it into a lucrative business for themselves by concentrating those Eritreans in refugee camps and collecting tens of millions of dollars in their name.

Furthermore, it is a well-known fact that the majority of those who exit Ethiopia from the refugee camps in Tigray are Tigrayans pretending to be Eritreans.

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Eritreans languish at refugee camps for years until they lose hope of ever leaving and decide to make the dangerous trek by crossing the Sahara through Sudan and Libya, while Tigrayans with connections to TPLF officials resettlled in Western capitals claiming to be Eritreans and taking advantage of the residency programs allocated for Eritrean refugees in the Ethiopia.

At last, may be the world will catch-on to Ethiopia’s and its allies’ propaganda machine that has been running full throttle to victimize Eritrea.  May be it has started with the Danish report.

The cat is out of the bag.