Danish Report: ‘Politiken’ Attempting to Bury Facts

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Danish Newspaper Politiken failed miserably in its latest attempt to discredit the Danish Report
Danish Newspaper Politiken‘s latest attempt to discredit the Danish Report by re-writing, miswriting, overwriting and un-writing the old and tired lies and allegation is simply futile

By TesfaNews,

AFTER the Danish Immigration Services (Udlændingestyrelsen) technically obliterate a decade old Human Rights allegations levelled against Eritrea by sending an investigative team on the ground on two occasions for five weeks and made public its findings, a number of activists and human right organisations that authored those allegations are quick to downplay and criticize it.

Some of them in fact couldn’t hide their anger and frustration.

These groups have since tried to discredit the report first by pressing a certain unfortunate professor who have been named as one of the sources, to disassociate himself from the findings even though he was literally not significant in the report. The professor claims Udlændingestyrelsen had misrepresented his quotations.

The fact of the matter is, the report has in fact lost some of its weight by associating a certain professor who has never been to Eritrea for more than 30 years. He was simply unfit to talk anything about Eritrea with out being biased.

After failing to challenge the revealing Udlændingestyrelsen report line after line, the desperate groups have resorted into spreading their usual lies by make use of papers like Politiken. The moto was ‘If you cannot convince them, confuse them.’

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The desperation this time led into puting words in the mouth of Eritrean officials. The Politiken on its December 2nd report simply misrepresent and misquote the Eritrean Charge d’affaires in the Nordic countries, Mr. Yonas Manna Bairu, just to suit its attack on the Udlændingestyrelsen report.

This is how they have chosen to misrepresent the facts in their attempt to discredit the Danish Immigration Service report but to only to end up revealing the level of their desperation:

Bairu said that those returning to Eritrea would be required to sign a document stating they are responsible for all of the actions they have undertaken and for leaving the country. “And later they will have to stand before a judge or a military court,” he said. “They will stand accountable for the crimes they have committed in Eritrea.

In a rebuttal released yesterday, the Eritrean Embassy to Scandinavia simply discard the ploy as “cheap” and reiterated the government of Eritrea’s unflinching stance on the matter.

Below is the official press release from the Eritrean Embassy to Scandinavia.

Download (PDF, 399KB)