Houthi Envoy? Deliberate Disinformation on Eritrea

Geeska, an obscure reporter who has no Eritrea presence, alleges the Houthis send envoy to Eritrea. If memory serves us better, this reputable liar previously said “Russia is holding its heavy military exercises with 100 aircrafts in the west of Eritrea near the Ukraine border”. Wait what?

By Yemane G. Meskel,

CONCERTED and deliberate disinformation on Eritrea have ratcheted up these days for reasons that are not difficult to figure out. The main culprits are certain intelligence agencies masquerading as independent think thanks and their TPLF (Ethiopian) minions.

Latest planted story is the purported visit of Houti delegation to Eritrea. 

Purpose of this disinformation is to insinuate links with Iran.

Iran has embassies in Djibouti, Ethiopia and the Sudan. It has also considerable investments and trade relations with these countries.

In Eritrea, Iran is represented by a non-resident ambassador. But normative Iran-Eritrea ties are misconstrued for purposes of disinformation.

The old story revolved around non-existent Israeli and Iranian military bases in Eritrea – truly explosive mix.

Now it is Iranian/Houthi dimension.

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Yeman G. Meskel is Eritrean Minister of Information and government spokesman. Until recently he was serving as Director of the Office of the President