Democratic Movement or Thuggery?

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“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Democratic 'terrorism on display'. The indomitable spirit of the Eritrean diaspora will never be dampened by TPLF sponsored thugs
‘Democratic terrorism’ on display. The indomitable spirit of the Eritrean diaspora will never be dampened by TPLF sponsored thugs. Three Eritrean Community Centers in Sweden fire bombed.

By Samson Tesfamichael,

Time and time again the so called Eritrean off-position club taking desperate measures,  the breaking-into diplomatic offices, burning down of community centres, snatching earrings from elderly mothers of the people they claim they care so much is a travesty democratic change demands. 

Looking at one of the prominent opposition megalomaniac spokesperson, Emanuel Iyasu of Assena (the weyane sponsored radio broadcasting service supremo)  at the Eritrean embassy in London is nothing more than thuggish at its best. It couldn’t be more example of the foolhardiest pro-Ethiopian unionist marching of the 50’s intimidating Eritreans in the street of Asmara. Funny enough the very same families that adored Ethiopian presence in Eritrea are still displaying their fetish for  the quasi-nation called Ethiopia; two generations down the line.  This individual claims to have been fighter in the liberation struggle. Surly, he never understood how Eritrean society think and operated. One Good lesson for him is, Eritreans may complain and whinge but they are not in delusion about the invalidity of their pro-democratic movement, just a good cover for the clandestine weyane and co. mission on Eritrea and Eritreans. The mission will remain just dream,

Eritreans are in full control of their destiny. Eritreans may welcome good advice from friends but no one other than Eritreans can curve out their destiny.

Burning a community centre in another futile attempt to crack and intimidate Eritrean society is indeed a sign of frustration and hate to their nation and nationals. What will it serve burning a centre where people come and socialise, share information and get advice.  What would you benefit from burning your own house? This is kind of hilarious but also sad to the so called democratic champions under the umbrella of Woyane organised KIDAN or EYSC (solidarity for crime, more like).

I was in the so called Smerr (meaning ‘Unite‘ – presumably with Ethiopia I guess) camp the other day and one of the prominent room moderator was sending a facebook link showing two poor youngster being tortured by the Sinai human snatchers and hostage takers. I cannot help but feel sorry for the victims. The moderator along his smerrrr bandwagons were claiming that the youngsters were handed over to those thugs by Eritreans government. How odd for a democratic advocate? Firstly, no matter whether they are Eritreans or not, why is he claiming they are?How did these video came to light? What is the purpose of showing those to 1000 smerrrr missioners? Has he consulted his fellow human right advocator Meron Estifanos, if she had collected the money to pass it on to the Sinai criminals, without whom they couldn’t do in collecting the ransom? If there any kind of justice left in the world, President Isaias Afwerki had requested the UN to investigate the matter. Unlike the monitoring group’s swift data gathering, what we have witnessing is feet dragging.

The recent incident in Forto was also creating some hallucination amongst the wishful thinkers. By any measure, it was a fiasco that lasted hours; the double agents from within were exposed miserably, it also shows the Eritrean security system is one of a resilient and effective. As we all know now, it was followed all its progress by the Eritrean security  till its last activities, whereby the perpetrators were into thinking they were doing clandestine activities while the security forces were following their footsteps and exposed their intention and extinguish them for good. Hollywood ought to be interested in this, instead of rounding them up at conception leaving them to freely ride till doom day, TV station; technicians were prepared for the mission by security forces for maximum proof to the demise. Now this scoopydoo style is named as coups d’état, seamlessly the anti-Eritrean element such as Mr Vincent and Mr Plaut of BBC spread it within minutes of the incident as a coups d’état. WE haven’t heard from them yet since the bigmouth slip up.

Their assumption was, if you put petrol and fire, normally it fires quickly, Eritrea is not Mali, Libya or Syria, Eritrean people have the experience of over 60 years of deceits, cheats, injustice, conspiracies, to be treated like normal. Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.

Every time you hear is Human rights, advocates, activists, journalists ….. the list is endless. If they care so much about Eritreans human right, why don’t  they bring to justice the people that bombed, imprisoned, expelled in their 100’s of thousands over the last 50 years. Why all of a sudden interest and care? What about the terrorist attack on Eritrean community in Sweden?

In conclusion,  simply Eritrean future lie on real Eritreans that are working real job inside the country and abroad. The anti- Eritreans will always make ways to themselves to look alike they are alive and care. Reality is different to dream, at they always say in Eritrea ‘tehagumay kelo, TEhazay Yiterit’. As always in good, in bad times Eritreans for Eritreans by Eritreans!

Always Wedihagher!

Some of the Nameless and Faceless members or EYSC that vandalized the Eritrean Embassy in London
Some of the Nameless and Faceless members or EYSC that vandalized the Eritrean Embassy in London