Djibouti Opposition Condemns Ethiopia for Deporting its Members

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USN doesn't recognize September election victory by ruling party UMP
USN doesn’t recognize September election victory by ruling party UMP

By SomaliCurrent,

Djibouti opposition alliance, USN, condemned Ethiopia government after its members, who were in Addis Ababa for talks with African Union, were deported.

Earlier in November, USN revealed that it sent delegation to the African Union Headquarter in Addis Ababa to request mediation between them and the government, after political talks stalled in September.

Abduourahman Mohamed Gelle, USN official said that the step taken by Ethiopia is a violation, demanding from Addis Ababa government and AU to explain the reason behind the deportation.

“We send a message to AU leader and ask to give us the reply of why our delegation was forcefully deported from Addis Ababa and as well Ethiopia government,” Abdourahman Geulle said.

He pointed out that it seems Djibouti government may have involved in the deportation of its delegates because of its relationship with Ethiopia.

“We say solution can’t be found with force, this [the deportation of our delegates] was planned to pressure us, but we will not lose our temper and it is shame on Djibouti government.” He added.

USN says it is ready to continue talks with the government highlighting that the reason of sending delegates to AU was to solve differences between the ruling part and the opposing party and find independent mediators.

Ethiopia and Djibouti governments have not yet commented on the statement from the USN.

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