Do all Ethiopians Live on Borrowed Land?

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No country left for Ethiopians? TPLF is the new feudal land lord in Ethiopia.
TPLF is the new feudal land lord in Ethiopia. Why does the TPLF reject the binding Boundary Commission decision with Eritrea yet voluntarily deliver 600,000 acres of “fertile land” to the Sudan?

By Prof. Al Mariam,

Last week, Sudan Tribune reported that the “technical committee tasked with redrawing the border between Sudan and Ethiopia said it would complete its work on the ground during this year.” According to the report, work on the “border demarcation stopped following the death of Ethiopia’s former Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi.”

The demarcation is said to take place “along a 725km length” and involves land in the “Al-Fashaga area located in the south-eastern part of Sudan’s eastern state of Gedaref” and “covers an area of about 250 square kilometers and it has about 600.000 acres of fertile lands.” The Atbara, Setait and Baslam Rivers flow this area.

The head of the demarcation “technical committee”, Abdalla al-Sadig, said the Sudanese “government allowed Ethiopia farmers to cultivate its land as part of the cooperation between the two countries. However, Ethiopia is committed and acknowledges that [Al-Fashaga] is a Sudanese territory.

The contested land is in the “Amhara region”. Officials of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) have provided no public statements on the details of the demarcation or the land to be “returned” to the Sudan.

Here are some simple questions I would like to ask:

Why would the government of Sudan “allow” its land to be farmed by Ethiopians for decades?

Why would the government of Sudan give Ethiopians 600 thousand acres of “fertile land” to farm in exchange for nothing?

If Ethiopia is “committed and acknowledges that [Al-Fashaga] is a Sudanese territory”, a fait accompli (a done deal), what is all the song and dance about “technical redrawing”, “discussions” and “negotiations” in 2016?

Does the “Al-Fashaga” handover over Ethiopian territory to the Sudan also mean the handover of Ethiopian territory to the Eritreans as per the so-called award of the “Border Commission”?

Why does the TPLF reject the binding Boundary Commission decision yet voluntarily deliver 600,000 acres of “fertile land” to the Sudan?

Article 48 of the TPLF constitution guarantees internal sovereignty to the “member states” and mandates they be engaged in dispute resolution concerning their “borders.” Did the T-TPLF conduct a referendum in the affected “Amhara regions” to determine whether their land should be handed over to the Sudan?

Are the TPLF and the Sudan scamming (I did not say screwing) Ethiopia royally once again?

The Infrequently told History of Ethiopia in the TPLF Chop Shop

My long time readers will recall my implacable opposition to the late Meles Zenawi’s 2008 land giveaway to the Sudan. Back then I gave a speech before an Ethiopian civic group known as “Gasha for Ethiopia” and castigated Meles Zanawi for making a secret deal to give away a large swath of Ethiopian land to the Sudan in the name of “border demarcation”. I challenged Zenawi for making his personal deal with the Sudanese without public scrutiny and debate over the details of his deal.

Those with a keen sense of history will recall that the single overriding mission of the TPLF has been and remains to this day the complete dismemberment and destruction of Ethiopia.

The TPLF’s grand design has always been to suck Ethiopia dry and dismember it piece by piece using a variety of methods over a long period of time, and disappear.

The TPLF grand strategy is patterned after the proverbial frog in the frying pan metaphor. If a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out in a flash. But if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.

That is exactly what the TPLF has done to Ethiopia over the past 25 years. They have been working methodically like thieves in an auto chop shop dismantling, dismembering and selling Ethiopia to the highest and the lowest bidders piece by piece.

The TPLF rulers’ philosophy in Ethiopia can simply be summarized in the aphorism, “Apres nous, le deluge.” After the TPLF, the flood. As in Noah and the flood. (The TPLF does not know there will be no flood after it is gone. They say, “God gave Noah the Rainbow Sign: No more water. The fire next time!”

Or in Ethiopian folklore, the donkey said, “After I am gone, I don’t care if grass ever grows.” The TPLF “donkeys” do not care if Ethiopia exists after they are gone. As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, they will be gone. They know it. They wake up in cold sweat at night anxious when their departure date will come. Their day will come when it comes “unexpectedly like a thief in the night.”

What happens after the TPLF criminals are gone?

I tremble for Ethiopia…

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