Efforts to Register Asmara in World Heritage

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By Shabait,

Efforts exerted to register the historic and ancient Art Deco buildings of Asmara City in UNESCO World Heritage list is making remarkable progress, stated Eng. Medhanie Teklemariam, Co-ordinator of Asmara Heritage Project in the Central region.

Stating that a document containing 1,300 pages that depict the architectural excellence of Asmara’s ancient Art Deco buildings has already been delivered to UNESCO, Eng. Medhanie explained that experts from the UN agency in July this year, visited Eritrea and toured the city to personally witness its architectural heritages, and thus a report of UNESCO’s observation is expected to be announced in the first half of 2017.

Eng. Medhanie underlined that Asmara possesses around 15 categories of ancient architectural designs coupled with mesmerizing city plan, public areas as well as a rich collection of historic buildings which are making vital impact to the City’s legibility to be registered as a world heritage.

There exist around 4,300 historic buildings within the area of 480 hectares of Asmara city, and preserving these buildings of high importance at global level is the responsibility of all nationals, Eng. Medhanie underscored.

He explained that the registration of Asmara in the World Heritage list would have tremendous impact in the country’s tourism sector.