Egypt and Eritrea Discuss Trafficking and Diplomacy

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Egyptian president discuss bilateral and regional issues with delegations from the Eritrea
Egyptian president discuss bilateral and regional issues with Eritrea

By TesfaNews,

An Eritrean government delegation led by Foreign Minister Osman Saleh yesterday delivered President Isaias Afwerki’s message to President Mohammed Moursi of the Republic of Egypt.

In the course of his three-day visit to Egypt, Minister Osman held talks with his counterpart Mohamed Kamil Amr on enhancing economic, cultural, political and social relations between the two countries.

They also agreed to look for ways of boosting bilateral relations between the countries and discuss a number of regional and international issues. 

Upon receiving a message from President Afwerki, President Moursi underlined that the development of Eritrean-Egyptian ties in various domains is of vital importance. To work upon such scenarios and discuss it further, the President extended a formal invitation to President Afwerki to pay a state visit to Egypt.

Reports from the Egyptian foreign ministry indicates that, both ministers also addressed the growing problem of human trafficking inside the Egyptian territory of Sinai.

They also agreed to increase political, economic and diplomatic communication between the two countries to boost the existing relationship between the two countries.

It is anticipated that with President Afwerki’s planned visit to Cairo, the relationship between the two countries will witness a strong push, as the leadership in both countries have shown political willingness to enhance the bilateral relations on all levels for the interests of the Egyptian and Eritrean people.

Political observers have already started to trying to figure out if this renewed synergy has a ‘Nile’ factor behind it.

However, President Afwerki in the past clearly pointed out that Eritrea won’t side with Sudan or Egypt or any other country on the issue of Nile waters as Eritrea does not believe there exists any reason for confrontation.

Afwerki added that Nile Basin riparian states, including Ethiopia, should refrain from resorting to misunderstanding and acts of inciting conflict, but rather hold consultations on promoting cooperation and joint development programs.

Despite pressure from a number member states, Eritrea opted to maintain its observer status within the Nile River Littoral States so that it won’t get into such futile so-called discussion concerning Nile.

Meeting between President Mohamed Morsi with the Eritrean foreign minister Osman Saleh  (15th April 2013)
Meeting between President Mohamed Morsi with the Eritrean foreign minister Osman Saleh (15th April 2013)