Ethiopian Opposition Group G7 Received US$500,000 from Egypt: Chairman

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Chairman of Ginbot 7 (G7) Ethiopian Opposition Group
Chairman of Ginbot 7 (G7) Ethiopian Opposition Group

By TesfaNews,

Dr. Berhanu Nega, the Chairman of Ginbot 7 (G7) Ethiopian opposition group, has disclosed in his own words that he received half a million Dollar from the Egyptian government to help run his exiled political party and reinforce the increasingly influential satellite television program ESAT.

According to the audio, Nega and his three associates went to Egypt and hold a full one day discussion with the deputy of a certain official before approving the half a million dollar based on previous agreements and the party’s budgetary request for the next 6 month agenda work. Accordingly, an agreement has also been reached to re-route the first $200,000 through Dubai and the other two installments of each $150,000 via London and Amsterdam.

Dr. Berhanu also disclosed that, out of the total fund, $200,000 will be used for military and intelligence activities, another $200,000 in the development of the Amsterdam-based opposition TV channel, the Ethiopian Satellite Television (EAST) and the remaining $100,000 to facilitate diplomacy works as well as some peaceful activities within Ethiopia.

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In another audio message, the Chairman of G7, Dr. Brhanu clarifies that his organization is working on the possibility of building an alliance with the Tigrean People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM), the largest anti-EPRDF armed resistance group based in Eritrea. This undoubtedly refutes previous allegation of G7’s presence inside Eritrea.

It is believed that  G7 possessed a considerable political strength while TPDM has the military muscle.