Egypt Wants Ethiopia’s Dam Not Used for Political Purpose

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Egypt wants formal agreements that Ethiopia will not reduce Cairo's share of the Nile during the filling of Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.
“We need to turn Ethiopia’s goodwill into formal agreements … and ensure the dam is not used for “political purposes” – President al-Sisi.


President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi issued three demands that would ensure Egypt is not harmed after the construction of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is completed.

This came during a conference for foreign media representatives held on the sidelines of the 2018 World Youth Forum, reportedly attended by thousands of participants from around the world.

Sisi said that Egypt needs to ensure that the process of filling the dam’s reservoir will not technically affect Egypt’s share of water, adding that “the technical committees have not yet reached an agreement.”

“We want to turn Ethiopia’s good intentions into [actual] agreements,” Sisi stated.

He said that Egypt also needs to ensure the dam will not be “used for political purposes,” adding that an agreement should be reached by the technical committees on the period of time required for filling the reservoir.

He said that Ethiopia witnessed positive changes with its new leaders, adding that Egypt and the African states agreed to support development projects, “but not at the expense of the lives of Egyptians who depend entirely on the Nile water.”

Egyptian Water Resources and Irrigation Minister Moahmed Abdel Atti said in August that Ethiopia has not yet begun to fill the reservoir of the Renaissance Dam, stressing that Egypt will not allow its share of the Nile water to be affected.

Cairo said that Ethiopia has started building the dam “without consultation” in accordance with international accords, while Addis Ababa replied that it is not binding to any international accords.

Egypt has been concerned about the probable negative impact of the dam on the state’s 55.5 billion cubic meter water share, as it may decrease water supply to Egypt. Ethiopia denies the claims.