Eritrea Partakes in Preparatory Ministerial Meeting of 18th Summit of NAM

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Eritrea at the preparatory ministerial meeting of the 18th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement
“Eritrea’s delegation is pleased that the NAM document under consideration deservedly recognized the positive developments in the Horn of Africa.”


The State of Eritrea has participated in the preparatory ministerial meeting of the 18th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, which started on Wednesday (23) in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The Eritrean delegation was headed by Permanent Representative to the United Nations, HE Ambassador Sophia Tesfamariam.

The meeting discussed the future of the Non-Aligned Movement, disarmament, counter-terrorism, democracy, peacekeeping operations and other important regional and international issues.

The following is full transcript of the statement delivered by H.E. Ambassador Sophia Tesfamariam.

Mr. Chairman

From the outset, please allow me to thank the people and Government of Azerbaijan for the warm hospitality accorded to my delegation since its arrival and to commend it for successfully organizing the 18th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Non-Aligned Movement. I want to assure Azerbaijan my delegation’s full cooperation and support as the chair of our movement for the next three years.

I would also like to seize this opportunity to congratulate the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for its hard work and able leadership as chair of NAM for the last three years.

Our gathering in Baku is a reaffirmation of the Ten Bandung Principles which include mutual respect for sovereignty, non-aggression and non-interference in internal affairs, and equality.

Mr. Chairman,

The Promotion of international peace and security is a key principle of our movement and in this regard my delegation is pleased that the NAM document under consideration deservedly recognized the positive developments in the horn of Africa.

The historic signing of the Joint Declaration of Peace and Friendship by Eritrea and Ethiopia; the Tripartite Agreement between Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia to promote regional peace and security; the Joint Statements by the Presidents of Eritrea, Ethiopia and South Sudan to work together for consolidation and advancement of regional integration; the Joint statement by Eritrea and Sudan for closer cooperation in several sectors and the commitment and preparedness by Djibouti and Eritrea for a new chapter of cooperation have all opened an era of peace and hope, in a region otherwise enmeshed in mistrust and conflict for several decades.

Moreover, the revitalization agreement in South Sudan and more recently the developments in Sudan further uplift the aspirations of the people towards human security and sustainable development in the horn of Africa and the continent as a whole.

Eritrea, along with its neighbours, is committed to work assiduously to transform the region through consolidation of peace, stability and economic integration.

Eritrea strongly defends the political independence and non-interference principles of our Movement. Eritrea remains convinced, more than ever before, that it is essential that our nations demonstrate unity and steadfastness in order to successfully enforce international law in the maintenance of international peace and security. Not doing so, we will be further exposed to conflicts, insecurity and instability to a world order where we often observer the flouting of international law with impunity.

Mr. Chairman,

Despite the advancement in technology which increased and accelerated countries’ productivity, hundreds of millions continue to languish in extreme poverty. The efforts of ensuring sustainable development, avoiding epidemics, ensuring justice and equality as well as protecting the environment are far from satisfactory.

The global institutions created to ensure predictability and partnerships based on sovereign equality of nations have become instruments in the hands of the few to legitimize their actions against states that advocate independent policies. Thus, it is vital that NAM and all other forces that stand for peace, independence, respect for international law, justice, equity and sustainable development, forge a common front and broad common strategies to build a better and more equitable world.

Mr. Chairman,

Eritrea stresses the need for giving equal emphasis and attention to all human rights. Regrettably, we witness, from time to time, human right mechanisms of the Human Rights Council employed selectively as tools for political coercion to advance extraneous agendas. Eritrea believes that these anomalies must be redressed.

Let me conclude, by stressing the need to adopt measures to revitalize and strengthen the purposes, principles, structures, mechanisms and working methods of our Movement to strengthen unity and solidarity among all of its members, based on the principles of peaceful co-existence, cooperation among nations and the right to equality of all states.

I thank you.