Eritrea and South Sudan Exchanged Top Ambassadors

Top ambassador Girmai Gebremariam assigned to South Sudan

By TesfaNews,

As a show of continued trust and strong relationship between the two countries, Eritrea and the Republic of South Sudan (RoSS) has exchanged their top ambassadors to their respective capitals.

Eritrea appointed its veteran and most experienced diplomat, Ambassador Girmai Gebremariam Abbai, as its full ambassador to the brotherly nation of South Sudan.

In a special ceremony conducted last week at state House in Juba, Ambassador Girmai presented his credentials to President Salva Kir Mayardit

Until recently, Ambassador Girmai was serving as Eritrea’s top representative to the United States and Canada.

The President wished Ambassador Girmai good luck in his career and affirmed South Sudan’s readiness to collaborate with the Embassy.

South Sudan on its part appointed one of it top diplomat as its ambassador to Eritrea.  He is one of the 11 new Ambassadors who presented their credentials to President Isaias Afwerki this week.

Both ambassadors expressed their commitment to strengthen the bilateral relationships between the two countries.

Editor’s Note:
Barely three days after Eritrea and South Sudan exchanged one of their top diplomats as ambassadors to their respective capitals, South Sudan, through its Minister for cabinet affairs, Deng Alor, announced it will soon start mediate the long-running border dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea.  So far, no comments has been given from Eritrea or Ethiopia. However, given the assignment of Ambassador Girmai Gebremariam as Eritrea’s representative to South Sudan, TesfaNews strongly believes that the news holds some water in it.

New Republic of South Sudan Ambassador accredited to Eritrea on 22nd of October 2012