Eritrea and South Sudan to Strengthen Existing Relations Further

Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Dr. Loca Boeing Deng (5 May 2011).

President Isaias Afwerki received and held talks with a South Sudan government delegation headed by the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Dr.  Loca Boeing Deng.

In the meeting, the delegation delivered a message to President Isaias from General Salva Kiir Miyardet, President of the South Sudan Government. The two sides conducted extensive discussion on relations of cooperation between Eritrea and South Sudan in the wake of the official declaration of an independent state of South Sudan due to take place, as well as the fostering of close relations between north and south Sudan.   

President Isaias also briefed the delegation on Eritrea’s experience during the transition period.

Mr. Deng Alor told ERINA following the meeting that the message from General Salva Kiir Miyardet deals an invitation for the President of Eritrea to attend the official celebrations marking the declaration of an independent State of South Sudan.

He further pointed out that understanding has been reached to further strengthen the existing relations between the Government of Eritrea and that of South Sudan for the mutual benefit of both people.

Moreover, Mr. Deng Alor stated that the extensive briefings which President Isaias gave regarding Eritrea’s experience in the course of the transition period is of vital significance.

Editor’s Note: A couple of weeks ago, Ethiopia’s Khat-addicted, Crime Minister, Meles Chenawi, accuses the Government of Eritrea for acts of destabilizing the new nation of South Sudan. Since then people were asking for the government of South Sudan either to condon or endorse the accusation. Now they are in Asmara not only to Condon that baseless accusation but also to foster the relation further and reassure the people and government of Eritrea that they too are aware of the Prime Minister’s sinister plan of concocting the seeds of hatred and division among the two nations.

Sudanese Unity And Stability In The Wake Of Independence Of South Sudan Decisive For Regional Stability: President Isaias

Asmara, 4 May 2011 – President Isaias Afwerki said that the unity and stability of Sudan in the wake of the independence of South Sudan is decisive for regional stability.

The President made the statement in an interview he gave to the Dubai-based Ashurooq Television focusing on the objective situation in Eritrea, Eritrea’s relations with countries of the region, developments in Eritrean-Sudanese relations, security in the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea zone, as well as Eritrea’s relations with western countries and regional and international organizations.

Noting that Eritrean-Sudanese relations is people-based and strategic, he pointed out that concrete achievements yet remain to be realized to develop the prevailing desire, constructive spirit, opportunities and programs for cooperation of partnership. In this connection, President Isaias noted that the yet unrealized objectives stem from the developments witnessed in the Sudan that lacked correct handling, in addition to the absence of conducive atmosphere.

The President indicated that Eritrea over the past 20 year advocated the unity of Sudan and ensuring the rights of the South Sudanese people within the context of a united Sudan. He noted that the developments witnessed over the past 2 years leading to the cessation of South Sudan are the outcome of political mistake and external interference.

Replying to a question as regards the consequences of external interference in the region, the President underlined that Eritrea strongly opposes in principle such interference in the internal affairs of countries which runs counter to the interests of the peoples of the region. In this respect, he explained that the external interference emanates from the lack of effective role of states in this region, coupled with the paralyzed stance and servitude of regional organizations.

President Isaias further called on the countries of the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea zone to draw valuable lesson from the experience of the past 20 years, and thus guard against external interference that grossly undermines the interests of their respective peoples.

Explaining the reason for the Darfur issue to assume unwanted dimension, he indicated that external interference and internationalization of the matter are the very cause for such a scenario.  Even now, the issue should be left to the Sudanese people themselves to resolve, President Isaias underscored. He further explained that Eritrea supports the ongoing endeavors in Doha, Qatar, as it avoids the internationalization of the issue.

The President reiterated that as an essential component of its foreign policy stance, Eritrea gives priority to fostering regional cooperation.