UNSG Ban Ki-Moon Applaud Eritrea’s Constructive Role in the Region

Eritrea and the UN agreed to expand cooperation
Eritrea and the UN agreed to expand cooperation

By Shabait,

Eritrean Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Osman Saleh met with the United Nations Secretary General H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon, on 21 September 2015 in New York.

In this meeting both parties held extensive discussions on international and regional peace and security, migration and human trafficking and other relevant issues of mutual concern.

Minister Osman elaborated Eritrea’s perspective on the issue of regional and international peace and security and reiterated the commitment of the Eritrean government to work with the UN and other concerned countries in addressing the threat of global terrorism and extremism.

Minister Osman emphasized the importance and relevance of lifting the unjust sanctions against Eritrea and Ethiopia’s withdrawal from Eritrean sovereign territories, including the town of Badme. This would contribute to the enhancement of regional peace and security.

Recognizing the progress that is being registered through the partnership between Eritrea and the United Nations, Minister Osman expressed to the Secretary General Eritrea’s commitment to further consolidate and expand this constructive partnership.

On his part, the UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, applauded Eritrea’s constructive engagement and role in the region. He also stated that he is encouraged and satisfied by the level of cooperation and partnership between the UN and Eritrea. He assured Minister Osman of his personal and the UN’s commitment to further strengthen the partnership.

Ban Ki-moon and Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Mohammed Saleh
Ban Ki-moon (left front) and Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Mohammed Saleh (right front) sit opposite one another at the diplomatic ceremony ahead of the opening debate of the 70th General Assembly, UN Secretary-General welcomed Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Mohammed Saleh. (Photo: Getty images/Astrid Stawiarz)