Eritrea Awards €7m Photovoltaic Contract to Enertronica

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 Enertronica wins a second contract in Eritrea worth € 7 million
Italian firm Enertronica wins a second contract in Eritrea worth € 7 million for the construction of 73 photovoltaic systems.


ENERTRONICA, a company operating in the field of renewable energy and energy conservation, design and manufacture of electro mechanical systems, announces that, as leader of the temporary joint venture with the company Rossi Impianti Srl, has been awarded the design and construction of 73 photovoltaic systems with energy storage by batteries, to be implemented in Eritrea.

The plant, commissioned directly by the Eritrean Government and funded by the European Union, are part of an expansion plan Enertronica market Eritrean and following the award of a previous order on the same issue and which has been posted on October 27 2014. 

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The contract, the value of which is equal to about 7 million Euro, will be invoiced in full by Enertronica SpA in the period 2015/2016.

The CEO of Enertronica SpA, Eng. Stefano Plocco, commented that “The acquisition of a second contract in Eritrea continues to show that Enertronica is operating in the best way on various international markets.”

The contract just won, which is added to the previous 1 million Euro contract in Eritrea, will allow Enertronica opening of an office in the territory of Eritrea and to strengthen its presence in Central Africa.

Even in this case the project is high-tech since the small Smart Grid, helping to improve the positioning of Enertronica in this market segment.

Like Eritrea also one of this order is based on a small sample of “network enterprise” in collaboration with the company Rossi.

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