Eritrea is a Blessed Nation

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Eritreans turned all the negative schemes that aimed to instill fear, doubt and frustrations into enlightening and empowering force and, turned it back on them.

Blessed Nation
What does not kill you only makes you stronger

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

A friend once told me that Eritrea is like a beautiful young lady that all men drool over. If there is one thing the last 21 years of Eritrean independence affirmed, Eritrea truly is the beautiful precious gem that the world is drooling over like obsessed stalker 24/7.

Examples are aplenty, but regardless, the owners of this gem, the people of Eritrea, know well that the gem is their gem to enjoy. And they are willing to sacrifice to make sure that this precious gem is safe and, sound. 

As a kid growing up in Eritrea, I grew up surrounded by mosques and churches that sounded the calls of prayers on a daily basis. I witnessed the devout nature of the mothers and fathers that flocked to these spiritual centers. And ultimately, it is the prayers and blessings of these mothers and fathers that served as backbone to the fighters and, the nation that bled to liberate Eritrea from shackles of colonialism. After independence, the mothers and fathers of Eritrea never stopped praying and that prayer is what has become the coating that made Eritrea impenetrable.

For over 21 years, enemies tested the people of Eritrea by one cause and, challenge after another relentlessly. These challenges, meant to dissolve Eritrea have crumbled in a predictable fashion time after time for many reasons: the grace of Allah God; the unflinching unity of the people of Eritrea; the prayers of the parents; the idea of placing the greater good above self, selflessness; the understanding that the mass need be aware, informed, educated and armed; belief on self-reliance and creating ways to rely on that belief; Eritrean pride and, ultimately the joy in a collective journey.

No other country, let alone African country could have survived the barrage of destructive attempts thrown at the people of Eritrea and survive. Eritrea survived it and keeps repelling these destructive attempts because the people are united. Long ago, Eritrea has learned that unity is the savior of this beautiful gem. They have learned that, it is only when they are united that they can honor and reward the martyred. They have learned that the way to safeguard the legacies of the martyred. And, to keep alive the legacy means, to safeguard Eritrea, the gem that the martyrs brought to life. And by the grace of God /Allah no matter the challenge, Eritrea is shining brighter.

In a short 21 years of independence, US interests and the genocidal regimes in Ethiopia waged countless attempts to destroy Eritrea. These included sabotages, unnecessary military adventures at the expense of the lives of millions in a span of decades, internationally manipulated sanctions, threats to the Diaspora populations and the latest, hoax fruitless mission to mention some.

Whilst the idea remains to create a narrative of Eritrea that is like any other African country, unstable and riddled with endemic instability; the reality however, the people of Eritrea are far-more capable and beyond the grasp of the international community’s understanding of what the nation and the people are about.

Eritrea is a beautiful peaceful nation blessed by people far beyond all the riches and resources it could unearth. The reason Eritrea became independent and remains independent is that the people know what they want, and know how to get it. Eritrea remains the only independent nation in Africa that can make her choices unperturbed by the noise and challenges that emanate from the same sources over and again.

That is their problem. The independent ways of the people of Eritrea has presented a major threat to the ways the West and others managed Africa for centuries. History can attest to the fact that Africa has never been able to get room to fail, succeed and to discover its potential. To prevent that from taking shape, they destroyed leaders and institutions to the point that the so-called leaders of Africa today are mere figureheads used to legitimize the re-colonization of Africa in the international arena. In some resource rich nations of Africa, to obtain mining license, one need to submit application in the UK or France. Talk about sovereignty.

The trajectory of the people of Eritrea has been independent and steady upward movement initially by laying solid social fabric and later by establishing physical foundations that can buttress future growth but above all, it is the mindset of the people of Eritrea that is indestructible.

That is because, early on, the people of Eritrea learned that no one will come to their rescue. For decades, when Eritrea was torched and tortured, Africans stood by on the sidelines claiming non-interference while millions were displaced. Eritreans learned that the aim of their enemies was and remains the annihilation of Eritrea!  Eritreans know well that only Eritreans can do for Eritrea. And after decades of purpose filled, hard fought journey; after long periods of trials and tribulations; Eritreans have learned to layer-on their victories while saying, “Victory to The Masses” every step of the way, enjoying collective happiness as well as sadness throughout their history. Here we are! And there is nothing anyone nation, entity or individual can do about it.

As the saying goes, “what does not kill you only makes you stronger.” Eritreans turned all the negative schemes that aimed to instill fear, doubt and frustrations into enlightening and empowering force and, turned it back on them. They used it to filter truth and in the process exposed the bubbles. They are exposing the filth and cleansing Eritrea. It has heightened their senses of alertness and forced Eritrea to maintain and enhance her strength far beyond enemies expectations.


Eritreans need to be proud of their accomplishments. The truth is, yesterday, when they torched Eritrea no one raised the cause of Eritrea. As the napalm bombs reigned on Eritrea, it was an internal African matter that criminal regimes of Ethiopia can do, as they wanted. The reality is different today, the president of the most powerful nation mentions Eritrea by name and Eritrea remains on their radar screen 24/7. Why? It is because Eritrea arrived. Eritrea is one of the most important and powerful nations of the world. People only want to knock you down, take shots at you and talk bad about you when you are on the top and powerful.

Eritrea is a blessed nation and it will remain blessed because of all the prayers. Eritrea will prevail because the good nature, perseverance, belief system, hard work, dedication and commitment of the people. Eritrea will thrive because Eritreans are one, and know how to face adversities together in a manner unseen anywhere in the world.