The Ambassador of China to Eritrea, Mr. Cai Ge, said that the cooperation between Eritrea and China is based on mutual partnership and cooperation, and that has been very successful. Chinese Medical Team in Eritrea.

Eritrea China Partnership in the Health Sector


A group photo of the 16th round of the Chinese Medical team in Eritrea and farewell to the 18 prior teams.

Eritrea and China have a long-standing partnership in various sectors, including the health sector. Over the years, China has provided extensive support to Eritrea to improve its healthcare system and address the health challenges facing the country.

The Eritrea China partnership in the health sector has counted for a quarter of a century.

China’s engagement in Eritrea’s healthcare system has been focused on capacity building, infrastructure development, and technical assistance. One of the major projects that China has supported in Eritrea is the construction of hospitals and healthcare centers. The Chinese government has funded the construction of a number of healthcare facilities in Eritrea, including the Orotta National Referral Hospital, which is the largest hospital in the country.

In addition to infrastructure development, China has also provided technical assistance to Eritrea’s healthcare sector. Chinese medical experts have been sent to Eritrea to train local medical personnel and share their expertise. Since 1997, fifteen medical teams comprising over 200 Chinese doctors and health professionals have provided medical services in Eritrea. This has helped to improve the quality of healthcare services in Eritrea and build the capacity of local health workers.

Besides the supply of medical equipment, supplies, and diagnostic tools, the collaboration also involves conducting research on traditional medicine and treatments for various illnesses. Such visits particularly allow Chinese medical teams to gain insights from their Eritrean counterparts, especially in dealing with unique cases that they may not be familiar with.

Overall, China’s support of Eritrea’s healthcare sector has been critical in improving access to quality healthcare services in the country. (TN)