Eritrea, Education and Social Justice

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Eritrea’s increases in youth literacy have been recognized by UNESCO as being among the biggest achieved anywhere in the world over the past 50 years.

education in Eritrea is one of the basic components in efforts to ensure social justice
The fact that the youth literacy rate in Eritrea (92%) is considerably higher than adults (77%) provides strong evidence that the govt’s efforts to strengthen the supply and quality of basic education programs have largely been successful.


Musa Naib, Director General at the Ministry of Education said that education is one of the basic components in the effort to ensure social justice and called on students to take advantage of the opportunity being provided.

Mr. Musa made the comment at a seminar he conducted with students and teachers of the Sawa Warsai-Yekealo Secondary School on October 1st and 2nd about Educational Progress and Challenges encountered.

Indicating that education is a basic human right, Mr. Musa said that the Ministry of Education is exerting strong effort to produce competent human resources.

Mr. Musa indicated that in the past 30 years of independence the number of teachers has increased from 11,000 to 29,000; the number of students from 5,000 to 700,000; the number of schools ranging from kindergarten to high school shows an increment from 528 to 2,300 and the number of literacy jumps over 80% and that attests to the substantial investment the government made towards education.

Regarding vocational and technical education, Mr. Musa said that 7 technical schools have been established in the regions besides the 5 vocational training centers established inside Sawa, collectively producing from 2000 to 2,500 students every year.

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A strong effort is being made to strengthen higher education institutions.

On the occasion, Let. Col. Temesgen Samuel, Deputy Commander of the Sawa National Service Training Center, called on the students to take advantage of the opportunity being provided [for free of charge] and concentrate on their education.