Eritrea’s Deepening Relation with Egypt Has Nothing to do with Ethiopia Dam

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Claim by the Ethiopian regime that Eritrea targets ‘millennium dam’ stems from unhealthy mindset, said President Isaias Afewerki.


The claim by the Ethiopian regime that the relation between Eritrea and Egypt is targeting Ethiopia’s Renaissance dam is “unfounded and stems from an unhealthy mindset,” Eritrea’s President said over the weekend.

President Isaias Afeworki was responding to Ethiopian regime’s accusations that Eritrea is posed to destabilize Ethiopia and stall the building of its mega hydroelectric dam.

“Eritrea is pursuing a policy of strategic engagement in the region to ensure stable and healthy neighborhood for the benefit of mutual interest and that the relation between Eritrea and Egypt emanates from that noble vision,”  the Eritrean Ministry of Information quoted the president who was speaking to  local media in connection with the country’s 26th independence day celebrations.

“The bilateral relationship between Egypt and Eritrea has tremendously grown in a short period of time and that this will have significant dividends to the promotion of peace and stability in the region,” Afewerki said.

The motive and objective of Ethiopia’s recent pronouncements of a ‘new policy towards Eritrea’ is a continuation of “strategic mistakes committed by the TPLF regime in the past two decades with costly ramifications to the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia as well as the whole Horn of Africa region,” President Afewerki says.

“Ethiopian regime’s hollow pronouncements are largely meant to deflect attention from the quagmire of its own making,” President Isaias Afewerki added.

The Eritrean president travelled to Cairo in November and met his Egyptian counterpart, Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi. The two leaders discussed on further deepening relations between the two countries.