Eritrea Successfully Ends Operation Fenkil 2.0

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Eritrea has successfully completed the second operation of Fenkil against the TPLF
Eritrea has successfully completed the second operation of Fenkil against the TPLF, a minority junta that was an obstacle of peace and stability in the Horn of Africa region. The Game is Over and the Horn of Africa region now enters in the post TPLF era.


Winning a war is a victory but subduing your adversary without fighting is ingenuity. Eritrea surprisingly has come out triumphant. As Martin Luther King Jr said, “Lightning makes no sound until it strikes”.

The devil and its surrogate, the TPLF junta, that was an obstacle of peace and stability in the Horn of Africa region is defeated.  Its grave is sealed and locked with no hope of resurrection. The horn of Africa region now enters in the post TPLF era.

This minority TPLF group sow the wind but now is reaping the whirlwind. If yesterday was impossible to overcome Eritrea’s expedition, it is unthinkable today and unimaginable tomorrow. After twenty years of continuous provocation, defamation, and blackmail, the Eritrean Camel keeps marching towards its destination while the mad dog continues barking.

The game has officially ended, and Eritrea has successfully completed the second operation of Fenkil against the TPLF junta.

Yohana Eritrea! Let your citizens, small, young and old wave the Eritrean patriotic palm branches and sing the song of triumphant victory over the evil beast!

Let freedom rains Eritrea
The land of the brave
Let Nakfa sing the song of Victory
The old lyrics of Yikealo
Let Sawa speak the story of Warsai
The strength and resilience
Let Eritrea shout Awet Nehafash!
The Martyrs rest in peace!

The “No-war No-Peace” strategy that was crafted to weaken Eritrea has swallowed its own architect. The myopic brain of TPLF was not able to comprehend and see the long-term consequences of their actions. They foolishly entered into unnecessary conflict with Eritrea without realizing the dangerous entanglement from which there are no exits. Their adventurous journey and arrogance have ended with humiliation.

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The Game Over declaration by President Isaias Afwerki on June 20, 2018, was the culmination of TPLF’s apartheid system in Ethiopia and their adventurism in the Horn of Africa. From this day forward, TPLF as a political entity is dead. Its soul has been bound in hell, but for a little while, its skeleton will be walking like a zombie to create chaos and harm innocent civilians to disrupt the ongoing transition in Ethiopia and terrorize its people.

Forgetting so quickly the historical facts and Eritrea’s strength, the minority TPLF regime gravely underestimated Eritrea’s power supply, the unwavering resilience, perseverance and strength of its people which stood firm in the test of time against all odds for the last fifty years. The resilience, brevity, and discipline that was built and shaped during the thirty years of struggle for independence are neither mimicable nor obtainable through hard currency in the Arms market. Eritrea’s resilience is peculiar, authentic and immune from any forgery. It is unmatched with any kind of Weaponry, Artillery, Tanks and Fighter Jets. It is impossible to decipher or decode Eritrea’s heroic algorithms.

Eritrea’s principle is unshakable; it never falters on the truth, keeps integrity and resilience, imitates no one but fights and operates according to its own rhythms. Eritrea’s arch enemies spent millions of dollars on armaments, intelligence, and sabotage. However, they were not able to weaken the Eritrean spirit and resilience.

Many pundits, as well as mainstream media, have miscalculated its strength. Eritrea may seem to be far away, but it is very near, it may appear to be weak, but it is strong, it may seem to be divided but impenetrable even in its darkest moments, it may appear to be inactive but dynamic, and it may appear to be defeated but victorious and it may seem to be slow like a Turtle, but its dynamic rhythm outlasted and outlived the enemy’s short-lived adventurism. As always, in the final laps of the game, no one can stop Eritrea from the finish lines.

Justice has prevailed, and Eritrea has been vindicated. The devil and its surrogate, the TPLF junta has been cornered and thrown into the bottomless pit.

Eritrea, your children will sing your story of heroic acts for generations to come. Yes, the pain and sufferings experienced is enormous. Yes, you were alone inside the fiery furnace, but you never faltered. As the famous poet and writer, Khalil Gibran puts it “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars”

Eternal glory to our Martyrs!