Eritrea and Ethiopia Leaders to Meet Face-to-Face

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“Great Statesmen in Eritrea and Ethiopia have summoned the courage and vision to blaze the trail and build the pillars for enduring regional peace anchored on law and justice” – Eritrean Gov’t Spokesperson.

Ethiopia and Eritrea leaders President will soon meet for the next high-level discussion.
President Isaias Afwerki and PM Abiy Ahmed will soon meet for the next high-level discussion.


The visiting high-level Eritrean delegation is winding up its highly successful visit in Ethiopia that helped to pave the road to end the two-decade-old conflict between the two countries.

Speaking to local media, Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu announced that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki will soon meet [most probably in Asmara] for the next high-level discussion.

At a farewell reception held at the State Palace to the Eritrean senior delegation, Prime Minister Abiy gave FM Osman a letter and gift [a bag of gourmet coffee] to deliver to President Isaias Afwerki.

The Eritrean delegation is expected to return back to Asmara tonight.

It was the first time in more than two decades that a top-level delegation from Asmara visiting Ethiopia.

After three days of bilateral talks in Ethiopia, the Eritrean delegation is returning home filled with hopes and determination for peace from the Ethiopian side.

Chief of Staff for Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Office, Fitsum Arega described his government’s feeling in one single tweet:

“June 26 will be remembered as the day Eritrea and Ethiopia refused to remain trapped in the past and decide to move forward. A day the two nations decide to overcome two decades of mistrust and proceed with courage in a new direction. Now getting closer to a safer and more hopeful region!”

Many pundits and self-appointed “experts”, however, are having a hard time to figure out the outcome of the meeting as the talks involve no Western third party.

Speaking to the German broadcasting DW, the self-proclaimed Eritrea expert Michael Wrong admits “experts” like her are left to play guessing on the ongoing bilateral talks between the Eritrean delegation and the Ethiopian government by saying this:

“We don’t know what they are going to be negotiating. We don’t know what their agenda is. At the moment, outsiders like me don’t have a sense of what is on the table and what the agenda is, but the mere fact that this delegation is turning up in Addis Ababa is incredibly important and definitely takes the relationship between these two countries in a positive direction.”

The Eritrean government spokesperson and Minister of Information, Yemane G/Meskel suggests, as in the case of TPLF, perhaps it is time to say “Game Over” to these clueless pundits as well.

“At the other opposite end, clueless “pundits and experts” continue to wallow on half-baked and presumptuous “analysis” of the unfolding events; on sterile “predictions” of how they will ultimately pan out.

The flawed narratives they have peddled for so long is clearly in tatters today. It is indeed time for them to discard their condescending approaches and defer to the wisdom, foresight, and aspirations of the local actors.”

The door for peace seems wide open now. But the ongoing political instability and open hostility from within the EPRDF coalition, particularly by the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), casts doubts that the road ahead towards peace and normalization of relations may not be as smooth as it looks from the surface.