Eritrea: TPLF Regime’s Repetitive and Insidious Lies cannot Bury the Truth

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TPLF Regime lies
Eritrea has no intention to dwell and waste time on fruitless acrimonious propaganda campaigns of the TPLF regime as its repetitive and insidious lies can no longer suppress the truth. ብኣረብራቢ ሕሱር ሓሶት ዝዕበጥ ሓቂ የለን!

By Ministry of Information,

In the past few days, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) regime’s propaganda apparatus have resorted to the worn-out cheap patterns of peddling wild accusations and smear campaigns against Eritrea. The purpose of these spurious accusations is to cover up the truth and externalize the spontaneous and growing protests of the Ethiopian people against the regime. 

As it is well-known, the people and government of Eritrea are patiently pursuing and focused on their developmental objectives in spite of the occupation of their sovereign territory and relentless campaigns of subversion and demonization. In this context, they have no appetite to entertain and indulge in acrimonious agendas.

That the TPLF regime is in fact the real cause and architect of the ongoing spontaneous protests is also an indelible truth well known to all Eritreans and Ethiopians.

The TPLF regime has been pursuing misguided policies of “dividing the Ethiopian people in order to preserve its rule and to monopolize the economy”.

Subservience to powerful allies and “victimization of Eritrea” constitute key pillars of this misguided policy. Furthermore, it has enshrined the “right to secession” in the Ethiopian Constitution as a residual or contingent option in the event that its efforts of political domination fail.

The TPLF regime has marginalized the Ethiopian people in the past twenty five years to install an economy beset by endemic and unbridled corruption and that is controlled by embezzlers. It is this grim reality, at odds with a spurious and embellishing narrative, that has prompted and underpins the ongoing protests of the Ethiopian people.

In the event, a hysterical campaign to externalize the cause and blame Eritrea or opposition movements cannot suppress the truth.

As stated above, the Government of Eritrea has no intention to dwell and waste time on fruitless acrimonious campaigns. Its current statement is designed to expose the underlying motivations behind the TPLF regime’s repetitive and insidious lies.

Ministry of Information
28 February 2016