Eritrea Gear up for IAAF World Champ in Moscow

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Teklemariam Medhin is one of Eritrea's hopeful athlete in this edition of the IAAF championship
Medhin is one of Eritrea’s hopeful athlete in this edition of the IAAF championship

By TesfaNews,

A team of 10 Eritrean athletes will be heading to Moscow, Russia, for the 2013 International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Championship that starts on Saturday.

Six times World Half marathon champion and record holder, Eritrean Zersenay Tadese, won’t take part in the international tournament.

That leaves Teklemariam Medhin, Goitom Kifle and Nguse Amlesom to line up in the 10,000m while Yared Asmerom, Beraki Beyene, Yonas Kifle, Amanuel Mesel, Kiflom Sium and Samuel Tsegay in the Marathon representing Eritrea. 

Besides, Nebiat Habtemariam will represent the country in the female marathon competition.

Sport enthusiast around the world will surely miss the all time sporting hero Zersenay Tadese in this edition of the Championship.

Though his absence could seriously affect the team’s search for a podium finish, it also leaves great responsibility for the rest of the team who are taking up his place in the competition. Besides, it could be a rare opportunity for rising stars like Teklemariam Medhin and Samuel Tsegay to write their own names in the list of top athletes.

The 14th IAAF World Athletics Championships for this year will be held in Moscow, Russia, from August 10-18.

Team Eritrea:

1./  AMLOSOM, Nguse  Male  10,000 meters
2./  KIFLE, Goitom  Male  10,000 meters
3./  MEDHIN, Teklemariam  Male  10,000 meters
4./  ASMEROM, Yared  Male  Marathon
5./  BEYENE, Beraki  Male  Marathon
6./  HABTEMARIAM, Nebiat  Female  Marathon
7./  KIFLE, Yonas  Male  Marathon
8./  MESEL, Amanuel  Male  Marathon
9./  SIUM, Kiflom  Male  Marathon
10./  TSEGAY, Samuel  Male  Marathon
 .  .  .  .