Eritrea: Growing Higher Education Opportunity

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Higher education in Eritrea
In less than 13 years, the Eritrean government built seven new colleges throughout the country that provides 55 first degree, 55 diploma and 20 post-graduate programs.


Professor Tadese Mehari, Executive Director of Higher Education Commission, said that student enrolment in higher education institutions is witnessing growth.

He explained that following the establishment of colleges in 2004 the number of students enrolled in higher education institutions has increased from 1,200 to 5,000 and that the total number of College students has risen from 5,000 to 14,000.

Indicating that diploma, first degree and maters as well as medical doctorate programs are being offered inside the country and abroad; Prof. Tadese explained that in the past nine years 500 citizens were provided with educational opportunity in Master’s degree and 60 in Doctorate.

He further pointed out that the fields of education introduced were aimed at supporting the nation’s development programs and that there exists strong cooperation with government institutions in evaluating the programs. He also stated that so far there exist 55  first degree, 55 diploma and 20 post-graduate programs.

Prof. Tadese expressed expectation that the citizens who benefited from higher educational opportunity would play due role in national development endeavors general and that of human resources in particular.

At present, there exist the Eritrean Institute of Technology, College of Agriculture, College of Health Science, Orrotta School of Medicine and General Dentistry, College of Marine Science and Technology, College of Business and Economics as well as College of Arts and Social Science providing educational opportunities for more than 25,000 citizens.