Eritrea Hosts 5th OSMA General Assembly

5th General Assembly Organization Military Sports Africa OSMA
Over 50 high ranking military officials from 22 African countries participated at the congress.


The 5th General Assembly of the Organization of Military Sports in Africa (OSMA) has been conducted from 11 – 13 March at Hotel Asmara Palace here in the capital.

Chairman of OSMA and over 50 high ranking military officials from over 22 African countries have participated in the congress.

Speaking on the occasion in which senior government and PFDJ officials, diplomatic corps and invited guests were present, General Flipos Weldeyohannes, Chief of Staff of the Eritrean Defense Forces, pointed out the paramount importance of sports in developing the physical and mental fitness, advancing spirit, promoting unity and harmony as well as instilling discipline and that Eritrea is fully honored to host such international congress here in Asmara.

Stating that Eritrea since the liberation struggle has been exerting unremitting efforts to promote sports activities in a well-organized manner, General Flipos underlined that military sports has been mushroomed throughout the country in an annual basis and as a result a number of sportsmen have been able to participate in many of the most popular international sports competitions.

In a speech he delivered on behalf of Lt.General Meguedad Benziane, the President of OSMA, Colonel Kabre David expressed appreciation to the Eritrean government for hosting the congress and expressed conviction that the General Assembly would eventually bear a sense of common understanding among participating member states that their presence is encouraging in the accomplishment of OSMA’s inspiring mission.

The high ranking military delegates who participated at the General Assembly comes from the Republic of South Africa, Algeria, Guinea, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, Tunisia, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Senegal, Angola, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Botswana, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Mali, Congo Brazzaville, Morocco and Burundi.

OSMA military conference AsmaraAt the end of the summit, the General Assembly elected Col. Kabre David as the President of the organization, while 18 African countries including Eritrea has been elected as members of the organization’s executive board.

General Flipos gave closing remarks expressing conviction that fruitful outcome that could promote military sports in Africa has been achieved during the course of the congress.

General Plipos further noted that the congress has been a platform in which Eritrea’s experience in military sports was shared with the participants while it also reflected the country’s true image.

The new President of OSMA, Colonel Kabre David also expressed appreciation to the Eritrean government for hosting the congress while reaffirming his readiness to diligently work in collaboration with the member states and particularly with the members of the executive board so as to achieve the set out goals of the organization.

Artists from the Eritrean Defense Forces staged cultural performances during the course of the congress thus receiving broad acclamation amongst the conferees.

OSMA was founded in 1994 and its central office is based in Yaoundé, Cameroon.